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Yesterday was the day that I thought would NEVER end...
I know my day is going to be crappy when both of my boys are still asleep at 7:45 AM. Jaydon has to be at school at 8:20. Thank goodness we live literally 4 minutes from the school and he's never been late. It's just "rush-rush" to get 2 kids ready plus myself and oh...why do 5 year old boys refuse to brush their teeth?? UGH! I've tried everything from threatening, to bribing and none of it works. I have to stick the toothbrush in his mouth and do it myself - for fear that the teacher might send him home if I don't because of the fumes that come out of that boys mouth. So then it's come home to a messy house and take care of Jacoby. I thought that staying home was supposed to be fun! (Okay, I admit - I'd rather be at home than at work!) I had to pick Mark up from school at 2:45 and then, of all things - MY CROWN FELL OFF! I have ONE bad tooth, the ONLY cavity I've EVER had and that poor tooth has gone to crap. I think that's why I force the tooth brush down Jaydon's mouth. So do ya know what the dentist says? "Fix it with Fixodent and we'll see you in the morning!" NICE, huh? So Granny Jessica now has her crown fixed with Fixodent.
The day DOES get better though, thanks to Jeremy. :) He knew what a bad day I was having and rushed home to the rescue. He started cleaning up for me and he went to Wal-Mart and got groceries. What a nice man! Later that evening (like 10:00), I go to the bathroom to find 2 candles lit, the bathtub full of hot water and our full body massager in the tub. He sat on a stool, opened a facial mask (that HE bought on his own!), put it on my face, and then he started scrubbing my feet with a foot scrub and massaging them! That man sure knows the way to a woman's heart. When we were done, I told him he should open a store, call it "Top Nail" (No, no "S" needed in "Nail".) and rename himself Wa-Ling! It was pure bliss...
7:50-gotta run. Tuesdays are AWFUL around here but after last night, I am VERY relaxed. Tootles!


Blogger Andi said...

I'm so sorry you had a bad day. But at least all the "badness" created such a pleasant ending!! Definitely making Brian read this...it's never too late to pick up on a few pointers!! :)

April 8, 2008 at 9:56 AM  

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