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i vs. I

Do you ever feel like your world is run by i?
iPod, iPhone, iPad, i(I)nternet, Wii, DSi - i, i, i...

This "I" wishes that it could take over those "i's".

I would like to vacation in Italy or Ireland with no i's in sight.
I would like to continue reading books that I can touch and turn pages on. 
I would like to stop reading when I want to, and process my thoughts about what I read without some "i" voice doing it for me.  After all, this "I" did program that "i", right?
I would like to hear a voice on my phone - not see a message pop-up from some other i user.
I would like to teach my children that ice cream, iguanas, and especially Isabel (grandma), are so much more fun than all of the other i's that they currently own.

No, I didn't copy and paste this.  I can think for myself unlike those i's.
I am sorry, there is no app. for that.

Take a break from your i's. 
I promise that your I's will thank-you.

Just some ifood food for thought.

Happy FrIday!

Note: This was supposed to post on Friday, but too many i's got in the way, and it had to wait until Sunday.



Who would have thought that North Texas would be off from school FIVE days in one school year?

I have heard SO many parents complaining about their daycare and payment. Why shouldn't the daycare get paid for snow days? I guarantee you wouldn't be complaining if it was just one day, right?
Teachers will still get paid for not being at school. Everyone I know is still getting paid for not going to work - even if they had to use a vacation day or a sick day. (Some didn't.) If you really & truly have a reason for not being able to get to work, and you have never taken advantage of not being there, your place of employment should be more than understanding if you don’t have child care. I, personally, feel like parents just don’t want to be at home with their children – they aren’t used to it – so they resort to complaining.
The daycare still has bills to pay whether or not the children are in attendance. Perhaps trying to compromise on partial payment for missed days might be more appropriate than bashing a daycare for keeping their employees safety in mind, and not opening their doors. These people are watching your most prized possessions. Why wouldn't you want to keep them happy?
Parents should have a back-up plan. I understand that this is sometimes easier said than done, but it's part of being a parent. If you are absent from work, you have a back-up plan ready whether it means working from home, or having another employee cover for you. The same should be in play for your children.
Off my soapbox.

On a happier note, snow pictures to come soon...



Did you notice...

1.  That he is left-handed?  He is my only left-handed child.  Both the hubby and I are lefties.  (...along with my sister, my dad, and his dad, too.)
2.  At the 28-second mark, how Jacoby starts scooting over when the attention isn't on him anymore?  He says: "How 'bout mine, mommy?"  His next spelling word should be: j-e-a-l-o-u-s.
3. How Jilian copied Jacoby, and laid down at the 54-second mark? Monkey see, monkey do...ALWAYS. 
It's like having twins.
4.  Jilian is spelling, too?  At the 1:05 mark, she is saying her vowels.  I am trying to teach them the difference between vowels & consonants.  It's never too early to try, right?  She can also spell her name, but only on her terms, and with lots of probing.
5.  He is in pajamas - the same ones he wore in the last video?  It's a rarity in the colder months that we get out of pajamas during the week since all we do is go to/from the elementary school to pick Jaydon up and drop him off.  Saves on laundry for sure!  The reason Sassy is dressed is because she insists on getting dressed in the mornings.  Girl?  :)

I love being able to teach my kiddos.  Jacoby knows all of his letters - upper & lower case in any order, he can sing his ABC's, he can count to 20 and identify all of his number to 10, he knows most of his colors, and a few shapes, too.  He's known most of these things since right after he turned 2.  Jilian is not quite there yet, but she knows a few letters, and she is my talker.  She is teaching her brother new words, while he teaches her letters. 
They are learning to share - albeit the hard way with some pushing, shoving, and hair pulling.  It's really too cute though, and I'm glad I'm here to see it done rather than it being at a daycare where I wouldn't know who the culprit was, and just how "hard" they've pinched, bitten or been mean to one of my children.

Jacoby will start a 3-year old class next fall through the church that Jaydon went to pre-K at.  It's 3-hours per day, 5-days per week.  It will be his first time at a school, and I hope he continues to learn. 

Next task: Potty-Training...for both.  They are both ready, and I've procrastinated long enough.  The post about that won't be so sweet.  It starts next week.  I tried this summer, (for two days) and I just wasn't into it at all.  Next week, it's all about the potty.  (Great timing since Jeremy will be here most of next week.  Coincidence?  You decide. {big smile}

Happy Weekend!  
Might be my last happy one for a while, mom...