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She needs God!

We had a good day today at the Rogers household...
Jeremy was nice enough to take Jaydon to school this morning, and Jacoby slept until 9:15 AM. Yes, that's 11 hours of sleep for that boy! I know that's probably not good at this age, but I don't care because he wakes up happy & refreshed, he's gaining weight, and when he's happy, it makes Mommy very happy.
I'm a little nervous that because he sleeps so much, he may not be getting enough formula. I read that at his age - 3 months - he should be getting 32-40oz. per day. I just don't see how that's possible unless you are feeding 6oz. every 4 hours. We can do that during the day, (and we do) but I'm not about to wake him up every 4 hours at night. So he's getting less than that. I can't stress over it because he's growing and who defines "the norm" anyway?

We went to speech therapy today and Jaydon is showing improvement. Since turning 5, (maybe a little before) Jaydon has made some miraculous changes, and I think that pre-K has helped him too. Jeremy left work for an hour to come to his session - what a great daddy he is! Jaydon was really excited to see him, and it make me so emotional to see them bond. I love that feeling!

No venting to do today, nothing too exciting to share either. We ate hot dogs for dinner (YIPPEE...NOT!) and watched parts of Idol Gives Back. There are supposed to be storms tonight, and I love sleeping with the blinds open when it rains.

Tonight's funny moment...
Jaydon was saying his prayers tonight and he said his usual "thank-yous and bless my mommy, daddy, Jacoby and me" etc. etc. He says, (and I'm not going to name the girl's name because you never know who will read this) "Bless my friend from school. We were playing tag you're it, and she bonked her head and cried." I said, "Jaydon, that's sweet of you to bless your friends - you're a sweet boy. Let's finish praying." He says, "...she's bad a lot Mom, and she needs God!"
We totally cracked up. He says some of the funniest stuff!

Sleep tight - don't let the bed bugs bite!


Blogger Andi said...

That story STILL cracks me up!! Your son is a genius!! -Andi

April 10, 2008 at 10:41 AM  

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