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Are Those the Tornado Sirens?

So last night was CRAZY with a capital "C"...
Like I said yesterday, I love sleeping with the blinds open when it rains, but not when I think that my life is in jeopardy! At 3:30 AM, I awoke with a start to some loud noises (thunder) outside, and Jeremy was turning the TV on. FOX 4 showed weather maps with bright red images (not good!) and it was all headed our way. Not 3 minutes later, the electricity goes out and the tornado sirens start sounding! Thank you, Mother Nature, for disconnecting my electricity at THAT moment! Without the TV on, how on Earth do we know what's going on and furthermore, how on Earth did you people survive back in the old days when there was no TV? :)
Jeremy and I hurry to get the boys, and we run into our master bedroom closet. Jeremy goes back to the garage to get Duke, (our 9 year old, 45-lb. beagle) and we are all "safe" in the closet. Jacoby is sound asleep, and Jaydon is covering his ears. The lightning is intense and the thunder is making the house shake. Jaydon asks if we will keep him safe, and we say "Of course!" Jeremy has a flashlight in hand trying to make Jaydon feel better...and then it all stops - it just stops! We get out of the closet, the electricity comes back on, and after a few thunder scares, it's all over with. Mother Nature, can you do that during the day next time? :)
We were all able to get back to sleep within minutes which was nice because I usually can't get back to sleep after I wake up. I must have been extremely tired.

We discovered today that Jacoby is officially too big for his bassinet! He scoots on his tummy a lot and when he makes it to the top of the bassinet, he only has about 1 inch to spare at the bottom. So now it's crib ALL of the time, and not just at night. He loves his crib though because of all the designs, so that's good.

I made picadillo (Recipe: http://latinfood.about.com/od/cuba/r/beefpicadillo.htm - I double the garlic) for dinner with white rice. It takes me a while to make it - there's a lot of "prepping" - but our whole family loves it, including Jaydon. We noticed recently that Jaydon will eat almost anything as long as there is white rice with it. What a Cuban boy he is! :)

Oh, and DON'T GET ME STARTED ON AMERICAN IDOL! I was SO upset that Michael was voted off! I am a fan of David Cook, and I want to see him (David C.) win, but Michael had done extremely well these past couple of weeks.
Can somebody see that Kristy Lee Cook, or Syesha Mercado go home please??? I like country, but Kristy just doesn't do it for me. David Archuletta has fallen off the charts and has only had 2 good performances since the beginning of the show - he's WAY overrated.
...and that's Jessica's opinion of the day.

Time to clean up the collection of 9,450,678 Thomas & Friends toys that have overtaken my home!



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