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22-Week Sono

It's a girl for sure! No huevos!!!
She weighs 1lb. 4oz. I've gained a whopping 2 lbs. I guess that's ALL baby, huh? All of the measurements were right on track, and everything is good so far. This time around, they know that I just don't gain weight when I'm pregnant, and my baby's are always born healthy, so hopefully I can avoid any last minute scares like last time where they were worried that Jacoby wasn't growing in my stomach. I have started drinking Ensure already - 1 bottle per day just to make myself feel like I'm getting the vitamins that I need. With Jacoby, they made me drink 3 bottles per day for the last 3 weeks. That got expensive, but thank goodness I like Ensure!
I have a fibroid that they keep a close eye on, and it hasn't grown, which is good news. :)

We had baseball practice tonight. There are so many kids on the team, it's hard to keep them all entertained. Two were missing tonight, so we only had 9 there. We have 11 total. Anyway, we started practicing coach pitch tonight, and they all did pretty well. We kept Jaydon after practice to hit some more. He hit about 9 of the 12 that Jeremy pitched to him. (Baseball parents that read my blog: Pitch to your kids this week so they can practice!)

Both boys are asleep, and we are watching DWTS. That Brooke Burke is SO beautiful! Fake or not - she is a pretty woman! Susan Lucci looks horrible - old, wrinkled, and way too thin. She's past her prime. Warren Sapp and Maurice Greene are big, muscular guys. I'm not sure who my favorite is yet. Jeremy is mad that Edyta was paired with the comedian because he sucks at dancing, and Edyta is his favorite dancer. He may not be getting his "Edyta fill" this season. Poor, poor Jeremy!

Sorry to be so boring tonight.
I need to add some pictures and/or a video soon.

I'll blog again tomorrow night to tell you about our ARD meeting,.
Say a prayer that it goes well!

Nighty night...


Blogger Andi said...

That is hilarious that Edyta is Jeremy's fsvorite, because she is the one I have "body envy" of the most! Brian knows it and he likes her too. Good luck at the ARD! I hope you get what you need out of it!

September 23, 2008 at 9:58 PM  

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