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Jacoby's 8-Month Update

Today, our boy is 8 months old! He is growing up so quickly, and it's scary to think that I will be shedding tears over his starting Kindergarten soon! (OKAY, so that's a stretch, but don't think I haven't already thought about it.)

I don't have a weight this month because my scale doesn't have batteries, and I don't have any spares here in that size. SORRY! :(

You now have teeth #3 & #4. Four teeth total so far...
You now crawl with ease...although you are lazy and prefer to be in that walker just moving all around the house. You even manage to get moving on the carpet in that thing - who knows how!?
You go from the crawling to the sitting position all by yourself, and vice versa.
You know when we aren't in a room. If we leave, you cry. So long as you see a face, you are a happy camper. :)
You are developing a personality of your own. You babble 24/7 and we swear you are trying to talk! If you aren't sleeping, you are busy babbling away!
You grab anything in site, and of course, it all goes to your mouth!!
You have the most contagious, genuine laugh...a heartfelt chuckle. (I promise to videotape this sometime this week!)

I will have a more detailed blog next month since he will go in for his 9-month check-up then.

We love you, Jacoby!


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