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Rockin' Camping Trip...

(More details to follow.)

Our Labor Day weekend was quite enjoyable! We had planned on going camping, but just didn't know where. The Linder's +14 others were going to Albert Pike, Arkansas, and they had room for 1 more tent at the campsite. (3 tents are allowed per site, and they were going to get 2 sites.) We debated it, and then decided to go. Jaydon was SO excited about going camping, and we couldn't let him down.

Jeremy and I used to go camping a lot before we had children - we'd ride his 4-wheeler, and really "rough" it. (i.e. no toilets, no running water, out in the middle of nowhere). This camping trip was "luxurious" because they even had showers. I do have to admit that with children, the toilet and running water are a necessity though.

Here are the things that Jaydon wanted to do while he camped:
1. Sleep in a t-e-n-t. (He insisted on always spelling it.)
2. Go swimming.
3. Go fishing.
4. Catch a BIG fish to bring home to Aba.
5. Roast marshmallows over the fire. "...but I don't eat them, Mom."
6. Listen quietly to the animals.

Well, we accomplished #1, #2, #3, and #6.
With #4...he & Jeremy went fishing 3 different times with no luck. Jaydon was pretty bummed about this, but we explained that even the best fishermen come home empty-handed sometimes, and he was okay with it. (I think that Jeremy was more upset than Jaydon that they couldn't catch anything.)
We didn't accomplish #5 because we only stayed there one night, and Jaydon was SO pooped that first night, that he went to sleep at 6:30 PM and missed the nightly festivities - one of which included roasting marshmallows. He woke up asking about it the next morning, and I showed him the marshmallows by the fire. Then he decided he didn't care since he doesn't like marshmallows anyway. What a stinker!!

We listened to all sorts of animals - some of which I'm not sure about, and I probably don't even need to know what they were.

We went swimming at the river. It was SO rocky! If you could go in there barefooted, you were definitely Superman. I have some TOUGH feet, but I couldn't handle it. With being pregnant, I didn't want to risk slipping and falling on a sharp rock. The water was FREEZING, so I only put my feet in. Jaydon & Jeremy explored for a bit and swam.

We ate some delicious stuff - burgers, hot dogs, chips, dips, snacks, eggs, bacon, sausage, sandwiches. It was great to eat away because you knew you would sweat it off in no time. It was hot during the day, but we had tons of shade which made it bearable. During the evening, early morning, and at night - the temperature was perfect!!

Jaydon had a lot of fun with Ashleigh. They made us laugh quite a few times with their games and conversations.
Jaydon also made Andi laugh a couple of times. At one point right before we left, Jaydon didn't want to eat anything. You know how kids listen to other people better than their parents, right? So Andi told Jaydon that they would race to see who could finish their food the fastest. They started out with ham slices and each ate one. Then they went to Doritos and each ate a few. He was having a BLAST racing her. Andi knows how picky Jaydon is, but since he was actually eating, she pressed her luck. She said, "Look at this box, Jaydon - what does that say?" He says, "Chicken." She says, "Yup, Chicken. You have one, I have one." (It was Chicken in a Biscuit - or whatever those crackers are called.) She puts one in front of him, and one in front of her, and then squirts it with a little cheese. She says, "On your mark, get set, go...". Jaydon looks at her and says, "This is not a race anymore." Then he proceeds to flip the cracker over on his napkin. He looks at her like - I'm not stupid! Little devil - it's only a race when it's convenient for you, huh? Thanks Andi, for making my son eat something!!!

Everyone else stayed for 2 nights. We had to get back to Jacoby who was staying with Aba at her house so that's why we only stayed for 1 night.

The camping trip was so much fun! Thank you Linder's, Harris's, and everyone else who went for making it such a fun trip. We will definitely be back - IF we get invited again. :)

We didn't even turn our camera on until the end of the first day. We were so busy "being one with nature", that we didn't think to take pictures. It was REALLY pretty there!

Enjoy the pics below...

Yes, we know that they weren't going to catch a 10-pounder in water that shallow! :)
80% of the Rogers Family - Missing Jacoby who was w/Aba
50% of the Linder Family - Ash & Andi

50% of the Harris Family - Kevin & Sydney

The Rogers' Tent

Swimming Area


Blogger Andi said...

I'm really glad you guys had a good time! We wish you could have stayed the whole time, but we understand you had to get back. J3 really did crack me up, especially with the fishing pole race with Ash! Funny stuff!

September 2, 2008 at 7:47 AM  
Blogger The York Family Blog said...

Looks and sounds like a great time. Glad you guys enjoyed it.

September 2, 2008 at 3:54 PM  
Blogger Rae Carol said...

You guys are awesome!! We had a great time with you all. I hope our dysfunctional family did not scare you away!! Hope to see you there again next Labor Day. Sorry about the fishing.

September 2, 2008 at 5:37 PM  

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