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These Eyes

Do you ever feel like you are being watched?

Last night, I was awful tired. I tend to sleep about 5-6 hours per night, and I am just fine. I guess I have had a long week of birthday party planning, because I was in bed at 11:00 last night, and completely asleep within minutes.

At some point, I felt these eyes on me. I knew I was dreaming. I couldn't be for sure, so I opened my eyes to see two eyes staring right back at me. I don't sleep in front of a mirror, so I was a bit startled. Then I see a huge smile and hear a chuckle.

Who do you think it was, staring at me right at midnight?

If you guessed Jacoby, you are right!

That little tornado has a bad habit of climbing out of his crib during naps. He has never done that at night. He has been climbing out for months, but we don't remove the front part of the crib and turn it into a bed because we thought that it would just be easier for him to get out without the front. Either way, he is going to climb out, right?

So Jeremy had to sleep on the couch last night. We were scared that he would try to roam the house again. It's scary to think that he was walking around at midnight by himself in the dark.

This weekend, we have to turn his crib into a bed. Hopefully once that happens, there won't be the "thrill" of getting to climb out anymore, and he will keep still.

It's just a reminder to always be on your best behavior...because you never know who is watching you!


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