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Fabulous Friday...

Jaydon got to bring Mr. Hopper home this weekend. Mr. Hopper is a large stuffed frog that each of the children in pre-K get to take home weekly. Then at the end of the week or weekend, you write about what you did with Mr. Hopper in a journal, and add some pictures. All of the journal entries are in one book, and it was cute to read about what each child did with him.
Anyway, this weekend was Jaydon's turn - it's his first time to have him, and he must have known he was getting him because he told me all week that "I'm getting Mr. Hopper soon!"
So let me tell ya something gross - Mr. Hopper needed to be washed...badly...so I washed him. Only God knows how many things/humans (I'll stop there!) have touched that frog. After looking through the journal, Mr. Hopper has been to Lake Belton, Mineral Wells, a hospital, a family barbecue, Putt-Putt, a construction site and he even sat on a Harley. I wasn't about to let my little boy drag him around all weekend like that. Mr. Hopper stunk too...but not anymore, thanks to Tide and Suavitel fabric softener. Mr. Hopper is currently wearing Jacoby's pajamas because Jaydon insisted that even a frog needed pajamas, so this weekend is going to make for some cute pictures that I'll post on Sunday.

Ashleigh came over today and spent the afternoon/early evening with us. She & Jaydon play very well together. (No Kristy, not as well as with Zane, but Zane is a boy so it's different.) We went to Chick Fil-A and Mr. Hopper came with us and took pictures with 2 policemen eating there. Anyway, 3 kids (Ashleigh + my 2) under one roof is a lot. Sorry Jeremy, I still want one more. Luckily they go outside a lot which is nice. I took them down the street and they got to play with some other children from their class and tee-ball team, and they had a blast. I know that Jaydon will sleep very well tonight, and hopefully Ashleigh does too. I love having her here. :)

We experienced a new place for dinner tonight...Taco Casa. If you've never been, it beats the heck out of Taco Bell and Taco Bueno. Their tacos were delicious and I liked the burrito too. WAY good and WAY cheap! Thanks Andi for recommending it to us and contributing to my family's fattiness.

Time to relax for a bit...long day ahead tomorrow!

Night Night!


Blogger Andi said...

Just sharing the fatty love, but be careful, that place is so addicting! I'm really glad the kids had a good time, and hope you're being honest that you all like Ash being there. She absolutely loves you guys! Well, you know this already! -Andi

April 11, 2008 at 11:14 PM  

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