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Jaydon's Teeth & MUCH more...

So maybe I should say LACK OF teeth...
My big boy lost his first 2 teeth yesterday. I'm so proud of that! What a silly thing to be proud of, huh?
He lost them both at the same time. He was at Aba's house and he jiggled them both out. They were SO loose and we were counting down the days until they fell out. So Aba gave him $20! Twenty freakin' dollars for teeth - are you SERIOUS, Mom? Jaydon decided that he wanted Chick Fil-A with that money and he said that he would buy my dinner too. Then we put his teeth under his pillow last night. He didn't want the tooth fairy to take them...so we didn't. We told him that the tooth fairy had to at least see the teeth though, and he was okay with that. We gave him $10. Yes, that's probably too much, but how do you compete with Aba's $20??? So my son made $30 for losing 2 dang teeth. I wonder how I can make all of mine fall out. Hmmm... LOL!
Random thought: It's so weird that Jaydon lost the same 2 teeth that Jacoby just got last week!

I had a long day today...
This morning, I spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry - my usual Wednesday duties. Then I bathed both boys and got them ready. I got myself ready and left at 10:15 to Aba's house to drop the boys off. Then I went to my 11:00 OB appointment. All is well there! The baby's heartbeat was 164 today, and my stomach measured fine. I am 15.5 weeks and I have gained 1 whole pound. WOO-HOO! (According to my scale at home, I have gained 1 pound since April which is when I conceived. This means that I'm headed down the same track as with my first 2 pregnancies with only gaining 10-12 pounds.) I go in again on September 3rd at 4:30, and that's when we find out the gender! :)
I had to get labs done and they can never find my veins...EVER! So I got poked on my forearm with a little butterfly thing that they use for babies and takes FOREVER to draw the blood. My arm is very sore, and I can hardly move my 3rd finger. She had no luck on my right side, so this is on my left side. I'm a lefty, so it's been a long afternoon with a sore arm.
After that, I went to Jaydon's pediatrician's office to pick up his shot records. (Jeremy picked Jaydon up from Aba's and took him to speech today.) Then I went to register Jaydon for Kindergarten. I had already made copies of everything that they needed for registration because I didn't want to have to wait in any lines. I had also printed the form they needed, filled it out, and had it ready to go. So I'm to the 3rd station moving along quickly when I get a HUGE packet of stuff to fill out! HUGE! It was like 5 different things ASKING FOR THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Ridiculous! WHY COULDN'T YOU HAVE PUT ALL OF THESE FORMS ONLINE? It took me about 10 minutes to fill it all out. I ended up buying the school supplies there. I didn't want to be bothered with going to stores and fighting the crowds, and then not finding exactly what they were asking for. They said his school supplies would be at his desk on the first day, so that's fine. My Mom used to do the same thing for us when we were younger. $57 for school supplies (Kindergarten's were the most expensive because of all of the construction paper) - but that's fine, it will beat the hundreds that I spent on weekly items last year at Glenview Christian's Pre-K! I also bought Jaydon a school shirt for $11. I can't have him not fitting in on school spirit days - DUH! :) I debated buying the school supplies there, but Jaydon is not "into" picking stuff out anyway, so it's no biggie. Then they said that they had a Kindergarten readiness test, and it was up to me as to whether or not Jaydon took the test. Since he had gone to Pre-K and I had his last report card, it wasn't mandatory. I was going to turn it down, but then I thought I should have him take it just in case. So OFF to speech to meet Jeremy there before Jaydon's class was over to bring him back to his new school. Jaydon wanted BOTH of us to go with him, so Jeremy's lunch hour turned into a 2.5 hour lunch. Nice hubby - he can't STAND to see Jaydon upset. We get to the school and Jaydon goes right into the "eater" (the cafeteria) and takes the test. (He cracked us up when he said, "Mom, why are we going to the eater?") We were able to sit with him while the teacher gave him the test, but just not help. WHY DID I BOTHER? WHY DID I HAUL A&& TO BEDFORD TO RETURN TO FORT WORTH TO HAVE HIM TAKE THIS TEST? My son made a 100% on the test - NO KIDDING! He had to know how to spell his first & last name, how to write it, all of his upper and lower case letters and the sounds the letters made, (not in order) a variety of numbers, then he had to count as high as he could out loud (she made him stop at 100), all of his colors, a bunch of shapes, his age, and then his birthday and where he lived (which his answer - Texas - was sufficient for now.) UH - hello! Pure genius I tell ya! She kept laughing when he wasn't missing anything. He said that the letter "R" makes the "RA" sound instead of the "RR" sound, and I gave her the evil eye when she almost marked it as wrong because if you sound things out that start with "R", it DOES sound like RA and not the RR sound. Don't question my 5-year old, dangit! At the end, the teacher administering the test said, "Well, he's definitely going to make some teacher happy - he will definitely be "teacher's pet"". BINGO! JUST what Jaydon's Mother wanted to hear! :) Jeremy and I were SO proud of him. The whole time I sat there thinking - pull out a book, ask him to read to you. I know, I'm bragging about my son!
Then I bawled the whole way home because I couldn't believe that I just registered my son for KINDERGARTEN! SO scary to think that he's going to a new BIG BOY school. SO scary to think that he's excited about it. SO scary to think that somebody might make fun of him. THAT is my biggest fear. I want children to be nice to him and not make fun of his lack of social skills. I just need to stay positive and know that this is all part of life and I will have to let go one day...but just not yet!
So after that, I was beat and I went to pick Jacoby up from Aba's. We came home and hung out the rest of the afternoon. Jaydon and I did some activities at our dining room table - cutting, writing, speech stuff. Then Jeremy came home and now I'm blogging!

Oh - and I have to go to my regular doctor's office to have my thyroid checked this week. I was going to go today, but decided against it because the one blood draw earlier in the day was enough. You aren't "supposed to" draw blood twice in the same day from the same arm, (my nursing school paid off knowing that) so I didn't want to chance 2 sore arms. I will go on Friday.

WOW - now THAT'S a long blog, huh?

I need to pick up a bit more, finish folding some laundry, read a few other blogs, and then get to bed.
Gotta be up at 6AM for my A Advanced duties.

Have a good week all...


Blogger Andi said...

My oh My, big surprise that J3 got a 100%!!! He is so dang smart! You know if you could make the decision to take him back up there for the test, you'd do it again! There is some satisfaction in knowing that all of your hard work too from working with him HAS paid off! I can't believe he lost 2 teeth! That is awesome! We have been preparing Ash for hers falling out. She seems a little freaked about it.

August 7, 2008 at 7:56 AM  
Blogger The York Family Blog said...

Teeth...kindergarden...reading, writing, letters shapes...all too much. It is all going too fast, isn't it. Good job, Mom! Keep up the good work.

August 11, 2008 at 4:51 PM  
Anonymous Tia Cookie said...

Not surprised either, but still proud and beaming at his 100!!!!! :)

August 14, 2008 at 9:04 AM  

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