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It has been a week since I last blogged, so I guess I need to get on it!

I started this blog over the weekend, but then the batteries on my camera needed to be charged before I could upload the pics and video that I wanted to upload. So then that just set me back a bit, and the excuses go on & on from there...

We had another baseball game on Saturday. Jaydon is still doing well. This league is just as unorganized as the last one we were in, but we won't go there! ARGH!

We hit up quite a few stores on Saturday...Market Street, Party City, PetCo, and Babies R Us. The last 3 are all in one shopping center, so that was easy. Lunch at Market Street was AWESOME. I ate chicken fried steak and it was so good!
I went to look for a costume for Jaydon, but none of the costumes that fit are anything he likes. It seems like they only have bloody things, or "warrior" type things after you hit age 4. Jaydon still enjoys Thomas the Train, Handy Manny, and cartoons like that. He doesn't even care for Spiderman or Superman. We found a firefighter costume, but it was lame. Then he saw a police officer costume, and we debated that one. At the end, we didn't buy anything. He had been talking about wanting to be a "King" for a while, so I went online and found a great King costume with a gold crown, robe, shirt, belt, and knickers. Then I ordered a scepter for him too. He seems to be excited about that. Jacoby will dress up as a little animal - probably a monkey or frog - we can't decide which one we like better yet. Jeremy likes the frog...so I guess I'M the one that can't decide! It's his first Halloween - it HAS to be JUST right!

Jaydon went fishing with Jeremy on Saturday evening. That is why we went to PetCo - we had to buy crickets and worms. Anyway, Jaydon had a BLAST! Jacoby and I stayed home, but Jeremy took some pics (I only uploaded 1) and a video of his first catch which you'll find below. There were some other cute videos, but they just take so darn long to upload! My Mom and Jeremy's grandparents met them out there. It's a little pond by Market Street in Colleyville that is fully stocked. Jaydon caught about 15 fish and threw them all back. He was SO excited, and Jeremy was glad to be with him when he caught his first fish.
...and to think that we went ALL the way to Albert Pike, Arkansas to go fishing, and Jaydon ended up catching something in a man-made pond in Colleyville. LOL!

This week has been boring. It seems like no matter how hard I try, I cannot keep up with the housework. There are always toys and baby things everywhere. I'm to the point now where I just leave them. THAT IS REALLY HARD ON ME - being OCD and all!!!
Jaydon has to be able to play - I don't want him in front of the TV every evening...so I just leave the toys out. I'm learning that the laundry is never ending too. I've just been trying to keep the kitchen clean, and the floors vacuumed/mopped. That's all I can do as a working Mother with no housekeeper, right? :)

Jaydon is doing VERY well at school. We are so proud of him and how he is adjusting. I think that the teacher just needed time to learn how our son "operates". The past 2 weeks have been great and he's gotten no complaints and only green dots. I hope he keeps doing well!

Jaydon had a fever last night (Wednesday night) of 101.4º. I gave him Motrin, and he slept all night. This morning (today - Thursday morning) when I checked on him, the spot where he slept was BOILING hot and he wasn't even laying on it anymore. He had a 102º temperature! I gave him Tylenol and within the hour, it was down to 99.8º. Then at 12:30, I went to give him more Tylenol because he felt REALLY hot again, and the fever was back up to 102.4º - ouch! He is a bit lethargic, but nothing TOO bad. Then at 5:00, I gave him more Motrin because he was back up to 101.4º. I called the nurse at his pediatrician's office, and we will go in tomorrow morning because that fever is kinda high. She says that strep is going around - let's pray it's just something viral and not strep!!!

I'm trying to get together with Andi to get some new pictures of the boys. I cannot afford a photographer, and she has a great camera. I know we have both been so busy, but hopefully we'll get those in sometime this month, or early next month. I'd like to get some regular shots, and then some Christmas shots for Christmas cards, too.

We are still debating "J" girl names. We have it narrowed down to 2 names, and they are both 6 letters in length. The middle name will be "Cate" (Kate with a "C") for sure. So if you read my blog, send me some 6-letter J names that you like. Don't send me a generic list, send me some that you genuinely like! Maybe you'll sway us away from the 2 that we have it narrowed down to. We aren't dead set on anything yet.

That's it from here!
Have a good evening, and enjoy the 21-second video and pics...


Anonymous Sandra said...

Girl, I can't come up with a 6 letter name that starts with a J? It's too much pressure!! Arrgghhh! Ok, I seriously love Jacoby in that video. When did he get so big? Also, I don't know what you're talking about but your house is spotless! I've decided that you will never see my house because you would run away! I hate to tell you but if you think you have laundry with two kids? Oh man, it grows exponentially with 3!

October 2, 2008 at 9:03 PM  
Blogger Andi said...

So glad you blogged...LOVE the pics and the video! How exciting that J3 caught his 1st fish! I hope he feels better soon!

October 2, 2008 at 9:57 PM  

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