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Jacoby Cade Rogers: 9-Months & Counting...

Wow, big boy - you are 9-months old today...

You weigh:
20 lbs.
(Maybe it's being pregnant, but you sure feel like you weigh more than this!)

You measure:
28 inches

At 9-months, Jaydon weighed 19lbs. 2oz. and was 28½ inches long. Again, Jacoby is just a bit shorter, and a bit heavier.
The similarities end there...

In the past week or so, you have started standing up. You kneel in the bathtub (in your little tub) and then grab the side of the tub and anchor yourself up. I cannot take my hands off of you or you will slip and fall! You are starting to stand in your crib, too. We lowered the mattress down to the bottom rung a few weeks back, so it sits really low. You push your bumper down so that you have an extra 2ish inches of cushion, and then you stand. Standing is about all you'll do though, and you don't want to take steps on your own at all.

You will not sit still, either! We can't even cuddle with you when you are tired anymore! You just want to move, move, move. Amazing how adventurous you are at this age! You crawl everywhere and I have to be so careful. Your favorite place to crawl to is the A/C vent. You run your fingers across the grill and laugh at the "music" it creates. Your brother, on the other hand, had NO interest in crawling, and was walking alone at 10-months!

Aba has a little car that you love to sit on. You can't quite reach the floor yet to push yourself on it, but you will be doing that soon, and I can't wait to hear you chuckle when you get that thing going.

Oh - and you follow Jaydon EVERYWHERE! We will pull out a million baby toys and you want NOTHING to do with them. You only want to play with the trains or cars that "brother" is playing with. Poor Jaydon gets frustrated. I mean - he WAS an only child for over 5 years! He shares with you Jacoby, but then he gets his toys back with drool on them, and I feel bad for him. Do you know what you do Jacoby, when Jaydon says, "Ewww - that's gross!"? You laugh at your brother like you understand him. Oh dear...do we have our hands full or what?!?

You only have 4 teeth still. I'm not sure why the teeth have stopped coming in, but the drool hasn't ceased!

You have these caramel/honey colored highlights in your hair. They are SO precious and every woman who colors her hair would be SO jealous!!! Your hair is definitely not black. To us, it looks like it is getting lighter by the day!

You have now decided to throw a fit every time we put you down to sleep. The second we walk away, the waterworks show begins! You cry for about 3 minutes, and then you just lay down and go to sleep. I know you are just trying to remind us that even though you don't have a voice, you still have an opinion!

I always feel like I'm forgetting something...
We are so proud of everything that you are doing, little man! You have a contagious laugh that I can never seem to capture on video, but the memory of it will remain in my heart forever.

We love you, Coby Co-Co.
Happy 9-month birthday!


Blogger Andi said...

Look at that big boy! Happy 9-months birthday, J4!! You are getting quite the personality and of course, you are so handsome! We Love you!

October 2, 2008 at 9:58 PM  
Blogger The York Family Blog said...

Happy 9 months, J4. He is too darn precious! Drool away, little man!

October 2, 2008 at 10:54 PM  

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