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A "Dang, You Are Good" kudo to whoever can name the artist from my title. (I KNOW all of you and what you listen to, and I'll KNOW if you Googled your way to the kudo, so don't test me!)

Okay, back to business...

My now 8-week old daughter rolled over - twice yesterday - from tummy to back! I swear we hardly put that child on her stomach. She's a strong, petite little thing.

The first time, Jaydon comes into my bedroom and says, "Uh Mom, I think we have a problem. Come look!" I hurry into the living room and don't notice anything. "Son, what's the problem? Did the spaceship launch into our living room? Is the house on fire? Who fell down? What is it?" He immediately points to the floor, and I still don't notice anything. (Have I won the Best Mommy award yet?) "Honey, Jilian is fine. OH, OH, OH - Jilian rolled over - SWEET! Now let me finish folding laundry."

Okay, so I really didn't say that last part about the laundry. (Maybe I did in my head.)

I'm really proud of her - really, I am - but it's amazing how different it is when it's your third child. With the first one, you brag, brag, brag. With the next one, it's cute, and you still brag a bit. (In my case, I bragged a lot with this one too because there is a 5+ year difference between my first two children.) The third time around, it's just part of growing up.

Don't get me wrong, ANY milestone is a great indication that your baby is healthy and doing well, but it really is different the third time around. You almost want to stop the hands of time and not allow them do cute things any longer.
...and speaking of growing up, my friend, Rae Carol, wrote a sweet post today about her daughter's 18th birthday.

Way to go, Jilian Cate!
All of the "J's" are so proud of you for rolling over! One day, Jaydon will be able to tell you that he was the first one to notice.

Wait, how could I forget to COMPARE the 3 kids? DUH!

Jaydon rolled over at: 3 months, 2 weeks
Jacoby rolled over at: 3 months, 1 week, and 4 days (This is the post where he rolled over.)
Jilian rolled over at: 8 weeks exactly.
I thought the boys rolled over early, but she beat her brothers by 4 weeks. She IS a girl though, and I hear they do things more quickly. We shall soon find out as she grows up. (Against my will!)

The polka dotted dress below was picked out by Jaydon. He put it in the cart at Wal-Mart before I could say no, and insisted that it was the most beautiful dress made JUST for his sister. How could I say no to such a sweet boy? (Since I'm a WM virgin, please help me out. The dress is a 3-6 month, and my petite girl weighs all of 10-ish pounds and will be 2 months old on Friday. {We find out her weight on Friday.} Do their clothes run small, or are they just like everywhere else where it depends on what you buy? Input appreciated!)
A strange coinky-dink, too. I read a lot of blogs at night, and one of the women had a post today about HER daughter in the same dress. HERE is her post with her cute little miracle in the same attire. (She has a NICE camera like Andi. We are still wanting a camera - it just might be later rather than sooner.)

It really is a cute dress though - especially since it was only $4! The matching panties were cute too.


Look at that smile! Don't you love her shoes, too?


Blogger Andi said...

That was very sweet of J3 to pick out a dress for J5! Way to go J5 for rolling over! That's awesome! And no, girls don't hit milestones faster, just depends on the child...look at my girls! Geesh, heartburn! LOL!

March 19, 2009 at 9:51 AM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Wow...that's pretty early for rolling over. You may have a little gymnast on your hands :-)

Love the cute dress too, but I'm really lovin' those shoes!

March 20, 2009 at 9:29 AM  

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