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Life Gets in the Way...

I apologize to some of my faithful blog readers for my lack of blogging. I've gotten a few emails about my absence, but my title explains it all.

Today, Ava (Amanda & Ameet's daughter) rolled over for the first time. She is 10 weeks old. Amanda is very excited, as are we. Way to go, Ava!

Jilian is 6 weeks old today...
I came to realize a few days ago that I don't want Jilian to grow up. I'm purposely not putting her on her stomach as often as I did the boys because I don't want her to do anything but be a baby. You realize the 3rd time around that you just need to cherish every moment while they are still young. Both boys slept on their tummies, and she does not. She sleeps elevated on a body pillow - a bit spoiled? It works for her though, and she is not spoiled at all. In fact, she is such a good baby. She is very calm, and a snuggle bug. She started smiling last week and I was almost sad to see this because it's just another sign of her growing up! :(
She enjoys being in her swing, chair, play mat - anywhere. I like that about her. She sleeps through any noise that is made which is awesome. ...and speaking of sleep, she has been sleeping at night 8+ hours for about a week. God bless her!

Jacoby is getting molars like a mug. Poor baby has his hand in his mouth 24/7. I wish I could just hand him a fourth of whisky to ease his pain. Nothing (i.e. Motrin, Tylenol, Orajel, cold rags, teething toys) works to make him feel better. I took him to the doctor yesterday thinking he had another ear infection, but he was fine - thank God. He was 14 months old yesterday. He's so handsome, too. His huge eyes and 56 inch long eyelashes just melt my heart. Those things could shield his eyes in a rainstorm. God bless him!

Jaydon had his first baseball practice of the season today. He's on a team called The Storm. It was a $95 registration fee, and come to find out today, that doesn't include uniforms which will cost another $24...AND they have a fundraiser mid-season. I've heard that gymnastics and cheerleading for girls is WAY more than that, (my poor parents spent a small fortune on me!) so I better not complain yet.
Anyway, the coach sent an email on Sunday saying that practice would be 1½-2 hours in length. Jeremy and I laughed, but went along with it. (This is the first season we haven't coached, so we KNOW better.) We got there for the 6:30 practice, and were in the car at 7:15. You do the math. You cannot keep that age group entertained for more than 45 minutes. The coach said he would just play it by ear. Good thinking! Jaydon did very well though, and he was excited about playing which was good. Earlier in the day, he told me that he wanted us to coach again, but once he was out there, he was fine.
He did an awesome job last week with his announcements at school. Seven of the twenty-two children in his class were picked to read the announcements at school over the span of a week, so we were proud of our boy. I, unfortunately, did not get a sound bite. I asked the school if they recorded announcements and offered them a generous donation if they gave me a copy, but they don't record them. I was VERY upset about this!
Jaydon also finished all of the kindergarten readers, and is reading the first grade level readers now. He gets a new first grade book daily just like he did with the kindergarten ones. I love that boy's intelligence.
As intelligent as he is though, he was not accepted into EXCEL (the accelerated program) at school. We have a conference on March 12th, and we'll discuss it then. It was not a shocker that he wasn't accepted, but it saddened both Jeremy and me that whatever "test" they gave him didn't see him as intelligent as we do. Oh well, there's always next year, right?
I told him over the weekend that he needed to try some brownies that I made and he said, "No thanks Mom, they will make me fat." I NEVER talk about weight with him and Jeremy...well, no comment there, so who knows where he heard that? He cracks me up daily. God bless him!

I was being pressured at the school to become the VP of the PTA. (Those PTA moms are feisty - meow!) I kindly declined, but then said I would do something "easy" that could be done by sitting on my a$$ at my home computer. They said there were plenty of those positions available, so that was that. I mean - did they REALLY want me at the school with a child on each hip? I multi-task better than most, but come on now!

We have a family friend looking for SUV's at the auctions for us. We can't afford the fully loaded 2009 Tahoe LTZ that we wanted ($50K for that bad boy - NUTS!) so we have to opt for a 2006-2007ish model Tahoe, Denali, or Escalade. He found Aunt Pam her 2005 Lexus GX460 at a fabulous price, and she's had it for 2 years with no issues, so we are praying he finds us something nice. Driving the Benz around has been nice, but my 3 kiddos are stuffed in the back seat, so it's time for a bigger car.

Oh, and the video I promised last week...well, you'll have to keep waiting. I promise to have it soon. It's SO darn cute!

We purchased airfare to Orlando last week. WOO-HOO! We are going to Disney World the first week in October. I cannot wait! Rae Carol (Andi's sister) is a travel agent on the side, and she got us a WONDERFUL deal. She also found an awesome hotel deal and rental car deal. I love that woman! SO, if you or someone you know is planning a trip, email me and I'll give you her phone number and/or email address. She rocks my socks!

Below are the newest pictures of our blue-eyed, milky-skinned beauty. (She is a WHITE girl!) (Still blue, and her mother is still praying that they stay that way!) I have been told that she still doesn't look like anyone - DUH, she's JILIAN CATE! Why does she have to look like someone? Honestly, she really doesn't look like anyone. LOL. Immediately, Jaydon looked like my dad with some of Jeremy's features, and Jacoby was mini Jeremy from the get-go. Jilian is well...Jilian! :)

Enjoy, and have a fab week!

Check out these CUTE boots courtesy of Aunt Pam. They complimented the following outfit very nicely if I do say so myself...
Princess Jili...
Trying hard to push up!
Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed...

In a matter of seconds...amazing!


Blogger Andi said...

Oh good, I'm glad R was able to find airfare for you! The thought of y'all driving cross country made me sad! Sounds like all the kids are doing GREAT! FYI...I am determined not to blog until I finish editing your pictures, I'm getting close!

March 4, 2009 at 8:01 AM  
Blogger Sandra said...

What a beautiful baby! How do you get so lucky with your baby sleeping through the night already? Wow...I'm impressed! Lucky you going to Disney. Maybe we'll get to go one day after the kids are older. I even hate going to the grocery store with them at this age. I'm outnumbered!

March 4, 2009 at 8:38 AM  

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