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Activity-Filled Weekend

As I promised, here I am blogging on Sunday night. This blog won't be too interesting, but probably very long. I'll share weekend details with you...

On Friday, I worked until 2:00, and then went to pick Jaydon up from school. Mark, the young man (he's 13) I pick up from school as a part-time job, has been sick all week, so I didn't have to pick him up. He went to the doctor and they thought it was viral. They gave him a test for meningitis and they haven't gotten the results back. Hopefully it's not that!
Anyway, we went to Bedford to pick Jacoby up from Aba's house. Then I took Jaydon to Chick Fil-A for dinner. That boy eats like an adult - the 12-piece meal with fries, and a Sprite...unreal! Both of my boys eat SO much, and they are lucky they don't have my metabolism. They just pack away the food and don't have any fat! NOT FAIR! My goal was to get to Target on Friday night to buy a gift for a birthday party...but that didn't happen. Once I got home and waited for Jeremy to get there, I didn't want to go back out again. So I promised myself to wake up early the next morning and go...
(THIS is where the non-stop day begins!)

So Saturday morning arrives, and I'm "up and at 'em" at 6:30. I give Jacoby a bottle and get myself ready. Then he decides to go #2, so I change him and get him washed up. By this time, Jeremy & Jaydon have woken up. The brakes on my Honda have been squeaking pretty badly, so we knew we needed to take them to get fixed. Little did I know we had to have the car there by 9:30AM in order to get it back the same day - UGH! So Jeremy and Jaydon get ready, and then we go to get donuts - sausage & bacon rolls for me. We drive to Riverside & 4th street (in the GHETTO!) to drop my car off. The guy says he'll call us when it's ready. Then we go back home so I can drop the boys off and head out to the store. I head to Wal-Mart to buy some groceries and a birthday gift. I get home at 11:15. I spent way too much time at the store, but I kept forgetting stuff - so frustrating! Here's the issue...we are having friends over for dinner in the evening, and I want to make a homemade cheesecake for dessert, BUT, the birthday party starts at 12:30. I just start the cheesecake and tell myself that I'll see where I'm at as it gets closer to leaving time.
At 11:45, Jeremy feeds Jacoby lunch, and makes sure that he's ready to go to the birthday. Jaydon was already dressed and ready to go. At 12:20, I look at the timer on the oven and there are still 13 minutes left before my cheesecake is done. Then I have to take it out, put the topping on it, and put it back in the oven for another 10 minutes, then take it out to completely cool before refrigerating...DILEMMA! This means that at the VERY best, I will be ready to head out the door at 12:50 which puts me to the birthday at 1:05. That's not good! So I leave for the birthday at 12:30 with both boys, and Jeremy stays at home to finish the cheesecake for me. I HATE having to go out with both boys while being pregnant because it's so hard to manage Jacoby, but I gotta do it. I wasn't going to be THAT late, or completely miss Addyson's first birthday - NO WAY! We make it to the party at 12:45...perfect. Jaydon plays with the kids, and I walk around the house behind Jacoby like stink on shi*. He is non-stop! A couple of people ask to hold him, but they don't know that Jacoby will not be held. He's a mover & a shaker folks, he does not like to be still! Near the end, I finally gave up and allowed Ally (Andi's twin sister) to help me with him because my back was killing me. Addy - the birthday girl - was so cute in her little flower dress, and even though she got over-stimulated and cried, it was still a great birthday. :)
At 1:50, I hear my phone ring but don't think anything of it. At 2:05, it had now rung 2 more times and I go check the voicemail. It's Jeremy, and he is calling to tell me that the car is ready, and WE HAVE TO PICK IT UP BY 3:00 BECAUSE THAT'S WHEN THEY CLOSE! WHAT - 3:00!?! So I put it in high gear, leave the birthday (Addy had already opened gifts and we had already sung Happy Birthday so I didn't feel TOO bad) and get home to pick Jeremy up.
Problem...the gas light has now been on for a bit and we NEED gas. When it rains, it pours! So we get gas and while we are there, Jaydon starts complaining of a headache. I knew what was happening - he hadn't eaten lunch and was getting light-headed! A-ya-yah! Next stop...Jack-In-The-Box...the closest thing around. He only eats chicken, (he eats all sorts of meats at home, but only chicken when we go out ot eat) so we order that and wait 10 minutes for it to be ready since they make it fresh. We haul booty to the car place and get there at 3:00 on the dot. PHEW! Had we not gotten there, we wouldn't have gotten our car until Monday after 9:00 and we couldn't do that! Mind you, we are having friends over for dinner at 5:00, and dinner hasn't even been started...but the cheesecake is done! (Typical fat girl thinking of dessert first, right?)
We get home and start dinner...chicken Parmesan with spaghetti noodles and a Caesar salad. We bought cocktail shrimp as an appetizer. I start thawing shrimp and Jeremy starts the chicken. At one point, I had to feed Jacoby and pick some stuff up around the house. Amanda & Ameet call and say they are running a little late - PHEW! They get here at 5:30, and we don't eat until 6:30, but it was all fine. They ate the shrimp and we talked, so it all worked out well. They cleaned their plates, so they were either famished, it was really good, or both. We exchanged Christmas gifts and talked some more. They got Jaydon a scooter, Jacoby a Tonka push toy truck, and they got us a gift card to Logan's. We got them each a 1-hour, in-home massage, and we got Ava an outfit, diapers, and a book. They left at 8:30. They brought little Ava over and she is so adorable. I told them this, so I can blog about it without feeling badly, but they are holding her WAY too much. I know they say that you can't spoil a child, etc. etc., but that little girl already knows when she isn't being held at just 3 weeks of age. It's their first, so I know they want to cherish every moment - I just hope that it doesn't make things tough for them when she goes back to work and the baby goes somewhere. Anyway, off my soap box, but she is such a cutie! :)
Oh, and the cheesecake was TO DIE FOR - it was delicious which made me feel good since that was the first cheesecake I've ever made completely from scratch.

Sunday morning arrives bright & early, and I have to get ready for my big photo shoot. I get up, wash my hair, put make-up on, and Andrea arrives around 11:00 with Ashleigh. Jay & Ash go play, and we begin the shoot. Andi has 3 million ideas brewing, and I can see her mind at work as she's taking pictures. I don't know how many pictures we actually took, but I know that she was very detailed about how and where she wanted me, lighting, my hair, etc. We tried everything and after being here for 2½ hours, she had to go. We didn't even get everything done that we wanted to! I just hope that some of them turn out. My stomach isn't exactly a great stomach for pictures because: A) I have stretch marks, and B) I'm not that big. Overall, I think they will be perfect, and I'm just glad that Andrea was able to capture this for my last pregnancy since I won't be having any more children. Ashleigh, her daughter, was a great helper and picked a few poses and what flowers she wanted me to use. It was incredibly adorable! :)
I will post some of the pictures when I can. My husband was SO helpful with the pictures too - thank you, honey.
Oh, and somewhere in the time that Andrea was here, my mom came over to take Jaydon to Chuck E' Cheese's, so I had to stop taking pictures to get him ready to go. He was gone for 4 hours, so I know he had a good time.

Then a little while ago, Amanda & Ameet came over to give us the rest of our Christmas gift. (TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!) They have been wanting to buy us the double stroller, but it was discontinued, so they ended up having to give us a gift card to pick another one instead. Those two never cease to amaze us with their generosity at Christmas and other special occasions. We try to do the same for them though. They are really & truly two of our closest friends, and we are glad to have them.
We asked Ameet to be Jilian's Godfather last night, (Amanda is Jaydon's Godmother) and he was pretty excited, so that made us feel good.
Oh and speaking of, we are going to baptize all 3 children at once on June 27th. That's the "planned" date right now if the church approves it, so everyone "Save the Date". :)

I have blabbed and blabbed and blabbed some more, so I better wrap things up and spend some time with my 6-year old who is almost ready for bed and wants me to read him some new stories.

I will post belly shots when I can, and blog again soon.

Only 8 more days until Jilian gets here - WOO-HOO!

Have a GREAT week!


Blogger Andi said...

Woo-that was a long one! I'm glad you made it in time to get your car, I would have felt so bad! And congrats on the dinner, sounds like you did an awesome job! I hope you like your belly shots, I really want them to be special for you! Thanks again for Addy's gifts, they were perfect!

January 12, 2009 at 11:02 AM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Yumm, cheesecake! I can't wait to see the belly shots! I never did that although, it would've been nice. I have a January baby too...it's a nice month to be born in! (Analisa will be 7 on the 25th). Where did my baby go?

January 12, 2009 at 4:42 PM  

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