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Peyton RyLEIGH "Brooklynn New" York

...all of that mess will make sense in just a few minutes.

This past Friday, I felt the need to leave my house for a bit. Jeremy was home that morning so I left the kids with him.

Some dear friends were having a garage sale, and I thought I would bring them donuts. I mean - who doesn't need a sugar high after waking up at 6AM to deal with old foreign woman trying to get a bargain for your 20-year old wedding dress?

I showed up with the donuts, only to be outdone by sausage rolls, but I got over it. (I KNEW I should have gotten there earlier dang it!)

I noticed that there were some main participants missing from the festivities...

You see, this is a garage sale held at one sister's house, and the other 2 sisters always participate. One of the "non-morning" sister's sent her husband, and the other was too busy working. (...or too lazy to get the garage sale stuff together?) Love you A.L.L & A.L.Y!

After a while, one of the sister's arrives with her cute little girl, Peyton. She's a 4-year old charmer. I had mentioned to her dad that I would be glad to bring her home with me so that they wouldn't have to keep an eye on her at the garage sale. Really - do ya want a 4-year old there with ya all day? So they agreed to let me take her.

All I can say is that I had a most WONDERFUL day with this sweet girl. She was a doll, and it makes me anxious for my little angel to grow up. (Okay, it doesn't really, because we know that I don't want her to grow up, but it just sounded good.)

I sent her mom an email highlighting my day with her - and here it is... ("SHE" is referring to Peyton - the 4 year old girl). I will explain everything after the email:

1. She was supposed to be named Brooklynn, but her daddy didn't like that name so she was named Peyton instead.
2. She asked how you spelled "Ryleigh", (her middle name) and thank God I called Aunt Andi to ask before scarring her for life by spelling it incorrectly. (You FREAKS of nature with the "Leigh" crap!)
3. She promised me not to tell her mommy that she got extra chocolate as her way of getting even more. (Did she tell you Ally?)
4. We built 6 puzzles together and she named every star on the Dora puzzles.
5. She LOVED Word World on PBS Kids.
6. She spilled Diet Coke on her dress and insisted it was just an accident all the while taking the straw out of the cup to drink from the bottom of it instead of sipping from the actual cup. Accident...I think not!
7. She drew me a picture of Aladdin.
8. She covered her ears every time Ava cried and said, "That baby sure is loud." (Does that tell you what kind of days I have?)
9. Jeremy gave her a hug when she got here and he asked her why she was skipping school today. She told him that she didn't go to school and he looked at me like...what? I had to remind him that Peyton just turned 4 and he couldn't believe how tall she was! (He LOVES her and thinks she's so cute. Watch out Ash - you need to come over to "Aunt Jessica's" more often. Peyton is taking over after just one visit! LOL.)
10. She apparently inherited the "snack" gene that all women get because she ate and ate and ate some more! ...and I ate every time that she did. LMAO!
Bonus: She reminded me why every woman needs a little girl in their life!

You guys have a sweet child on your hands.
I enjoyed my time with her, and I hope that she can come over more often.

1. Her mom explained that she loved the name Brooklynn, but when your last name is York, ya just can't name your child that. (I like Peyton better anyway, York family!)

2. She wanted to know how to spell her middle name. Her two cousins - Ashleigh & Addyson - both have LEIGH somewhere in their names. AshLEIGH Shea Linder & Addyson SheaLEIGH Linder. So now I discovered that Peyton's name is Peyton RyLEIGH York - hence my "FREAKS of nature" comment. (...and I get made fun of for us all having "J" names. Hmmm...)

3. I kept snacking on Easter eggs and she kept eyeing them. How do you tell a sweet girl who looks at you from the corner of her eye "NO"? So she ate 2, and then made the comment above...so I gave her four more. (I will never be able to watch her again after that!)

4. I knew she loved Dora, so thank goodness I still had tons of Dora & Diego puzzles from when Jaydon was into that.

5. I haven't met a child who doesn't like Word World. (I guess I must be a child too.)

6. This Diet Coke spillage just cracked me up. Little girls are something else.

I LOVED that Aladdin was a girl. To each his own...
PS: I do not hang anything on my fridge because I have a clutter phobia...and Peyton's picture has been hanging there since she gave it to me on Friday. :)

8. Yes, Ava has some lungs on her. Her mommy & daddy know this too.

9. Peyton is going to be 5'10''. That is my prediction. She keeps that cute face up, she can be a contestant on America's Top Model...and win!

10. No need to comment on that and my inability to control my snacking urges.

Bonus: God bless her!

It was a great day, and I enjoyed spending time with a new face.
Hopefully, we get to do it again soon.

That whole family - all 3 sisters - is too sweet for words. Maybe because they remind me of my own loving, loud, and loony family! LOL.

Thanks Pey-Pey, for making the start to my weekend so grand.
Love you sweet girl... (If you would like to fall in love with the same little girl that I did, visit her mom's blog at: http://theyorkfamilyblog.blogspot.com/)


Blogger The York Family Blog said...

LOVE, LOVE LOVE that blog! I know...how can anybody not fall in love with that girl. hehe (biased) That picture was actually REALLY good. She did not tell me about the candy, so she held her end of the deal. FOUR MORE!! So a total of SIXXX!!!! LMAO. That's too funny. She WILL ask for food ALL day long. I have learned to try to keep under control for the most part. But even I have a hard time saying no.
I need to bring her over more often so you can work your magic and have her reading by kindergarden in 2010. ;)
Thanks for keeping her. It really helped us out, and sounds like ya'll had a great time. Thanks for the note and the blog too! You ROCK.

April 8, 2009 at 12:18 AM  
Blogger Andi said...

LOL, your description of your day with Peyton is sooo her! You're right, it is impossible to not love that girl, with all of her quirks, funnies, and explanations! I'm glad you had such a nice day with her!

April 8, 2009 at 8:45 AM  
Blogger Rae Carol said...

hahaha...that is soo funny!!! Our little Pey Pey is a cutie....she often cracks me up!!! Your a sweet, dear person Jessica, with a great heart for children. Glad you had fun with pey Pey and it did help with the Grage Sale!!!

April 13, 2009 at 4:29 PM  

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