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The other morning, Jeremy took off with the boys to get donuts for breakfast. Jilian stayed behind with me, and I ran into my bedroom to put some laundry away while she was in the kitchen.

I come back from my room, and Jilian is gone. We live in an 1,800 s.f. house - not some mansion, so I knew she couldn't have gone far.

She loves playing in Jaydon's room, so I check in there...no Jilian. I go to her room...no Jilian. I come back around into the kitchen, and finally see the culprit.

Exhibit #1:

Jeremy Someone must have left the child latch off the pantry door. I hurry to capture the picture thinking that she is going to open the door any second, and I won't be able to get this on my camera.

Nothing. No movement.

Oh - so you are playing, are you little one?

"Jilian, Jilian...where are you?"


"Sassy, where are you?"


"Sassy - peek-a-boo - come out and see Mommy."

I see the door get kicked open.

Exhibit #2:

"There you are, Sassy girl - I found you!"

Exhibit #3:

She then proceeded to do this OH...140 more times. She would curl up in a ball and climb into the bottom shelf. Then she wouldn't move until I called her name.

Sly little thing!


Blogger Morgan said...

too cute...Austin does the same thing but eats all the snacks (i.e. cheez-its, doritos, goldfish, peanut butter crackers) while she is there. She will shut the pantry door and sit in the dark to eat a snack. Maybe your mom was right about the tapeworm!

February 9, 2010 at 8:56 AM  

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