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Silly Stories

As I was going through Jaydon's binder last night, I found a book that he wrote called "Silly Stories". He dedicated the book to Sean - a boy in his class.

On each page is a day of the week and a sentence. They had to finish writing each page to make a story.

First of all, Jaydon does NOT like anything having to do with writing. He never has. Ask him to answer a black and white question verbally, he will never get it wrong.
Art - he despises it.

I was really impressed with this book.

I will write in bold what was already in the book, and then the rest will be his completion of the page. Things that are underlined, or in regular font, are what he wrote.
I am going to write it just how I see it - he made a 95, so he only had a couple of errors.



On Monday, I woke up and looked in the mirror. "Oh, no!" I yelled.
I see a dinosaur and an elephant behind me. they are looking at me.

On Tuesday, I had to babysit a gorilla. What a day!
I played a game with him called Trouble. I won the game. I had fun babysitting the gorilla.

On Wednesday, a dog got loose in our classroom!
The dog began to run around the classroom barking. He wanted to leave the classroom because he wanted his Mom.

You'll never believe what happened on Thursday. A dog came to my birthday party!
He put his nose in the cake and then he ate it. He ripped the paper off the presents.

On Friday, our class took the most amazing field trip. Believe it or not, we went to Africa.

And on Saturday, the silliest thing of all happened. I was reading a book about Madaline and the Bad Hat, when suddenly I was inside the book! Here's what happened:
I had fun with her. I was glad the time came because I want to go home. I want my Mom and Dad.


Isn't that awesome?

I know my first grader is going to take after me in a few years and participate in Spelling Bees. He hates to write something unless he knows it is spelled correctly.

He told us that he won. I'm not sure what he meant, but apparently, another little girl won "Seven Sillies", (a story they read last week) and he won this. I think they may have voted for the funniest one and he may have won. My boy of few words won't ever explain things completely to me.

I am so proud of him.

The fourth six weeks ended last Friday, and I just checked his grades. We are FOUR for FOUR!!
He made straight A's - 93 was his lowest grade. No conduct issues, and perfect attendance with no tardies.


EDIT:  Jaydon DID win.  Today, he came home with Cheez-It's in his lunch box.  I asked where he got them and he said, "From Mrs. Bruce".  I got onto him for asking for food and he said, "MOM - I ordered them from her because I won the Silly Stories yesterday". 
Awww - awesome!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job Jaydon! Keep up the awesome grades.. :) J

March 2, 2010 at 2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a sweet, smart boy! Andi

March 27, 2010 at 10:55 PM  

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