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Fifteen Months

My oh my... I cannot believe my youngest little one is ΒΌ of the way into her second year...

Dearest Sassy Girl:

Right now, you weigh about 23 pounds.  I had to cancel your 15-month visit this morning because your brother, Jacoby, had been up since 6AM, and he wasn't going to allow us to go to the doctor in peace.  It has been rescheduled for April 30th. We'll get your real numbers then.

According to my calculations, you are still my petite little thing, and between the 25th-50th percentile for both weight and height. The good news is that you are closer to the 50th instead of the 25th like you were before. For being petite, you sure can chow down though. Daddy has nicknamed you "fatty cakes" because there is nothing you won't touch. Veggies, fruits, chips, chicken, meat, ham, cheese - you name it, it's in your belly...fast!  I take that back - you really don't like grapes or hot dogs.  That's it though.

My little petite thing, you are ready for your gymnastics days!  You love to hang on the monkey bars outside and swing.  Daddy loves to watch you hang on - you sure are strong!
...speaking of gymnastics, your Daddy and I found you a nice gym in Keller. It is called ASI Gymnastics, and you will start there in September with your brother, Jacoby. I have to wait until you are 18 months old. I can't wait to see you guys having fun!

These past few months, you have really blossomed. You walk everywhere, and have started running and climbing. You love to do everything that your brothers do. No amount of toys keep you entertained. You love to look at books-but ONLY with Jaydon.  You hug your dolls, and toss the ball. Climbing up the ladder to the slide is your favorite thing to do outside - along with moving all of the rocks from the landscaping to your own little corner.

You also love to talk on my cell phone, open and shut the DVD player, turn the TV on/off, and you are definitely Jaydon's little doll. He carries you when he can, and you just take it all in with a "poop-eatin' grin" on your face.

You squeal and smile when you get your way, and you throw yourself on the ground in a fit of rage if you don't. We'll have to work on the latter.

You also love anything that shakes, rattles and rolls. You love to "boogey" to any beat. You shake your head, bounce your knees, and move your hips around like a rock star! That's my little Cubana for sure!

The other day, we were all singing in the den, "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine..."
You ran into your brother's room, and brought out the toy dog (puppet) that sings this song. How you knew to do this was beyond us, but it shows how attentive you are because we hadn't played with that thing in weeks.  Maybe you were trying to tell us that we should stop singing and allow the puppet to sing?  Ha.

You wear size 18 months clothes, but some of your outfits are 24 months. You even have a few shirts that are 2T that fit you nicely. It just depends on the brand. You are in a size 4 diaper, and a size 3 shoe. (At this age, the boys were wearing size SIX shoes!)

Your most recent development is your language. You have 18-20 words under your belt that you use daily. If we ask you to say something, you repeat at least part of it.
Here is what you say: the ball, doll, baby, dog, Duke, juice, please, this, Aba, Daddy, buh-bye, kiss, taca, (You tell us when you are 'CACA' by pointing to your bum and saying "taca".) eat, bottle, leche, Jay (for both brothers), eyes, teeth, and you sign for "more". (You picked this up from my trying to teach your brother some signs.)   You also shake your head for "yes" or "no".

You can also point to your eyes, ears, nose, and teeth when asked.  You even know some of your letter sounds!

You are the first one to run to the door when you hear the garage open in the evenings. You know that Daddy will be there, and you always want to be the first one to greet him.

For being "sassy & petite", you are definitely tough. I like that, and I know that your Daddy does too.

Thank you for being YOU!

We love you so much, and we hope that you never forget it!

     ~ Mommy & Daddy ~


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