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Who would have thought that North Texas would be off from school FIVE days in one school year?

I have heard SO many parents complaining about their daycare and payment. Why shouldn't the daycare get paid for snow days? I guarantee you wouldn't be complaining if it was just one day, right?
Teachers will still get paid for not being at school. Everyone I know is still getting paid for not going to work - even if they had to use a vacation day or a sick day. (Some didn't.) If you really & truly have a reason for not being able to get to work, and you have never taken advantage of not being there, your place of employment should be more than understanding if you don’t have child care. I, personally, feel like parents just don’t want to be at home with their children – they aren’t used to it – so they resort to complaining.
The daycare still has bills to pay whether or not the children are in attendance. Perhaps trying to compromise on partial payment for missed days might be more appropriate than bashing a daycare for keeping their employees safety in mind, and not opening their doors. These people are watching your most prized possessions. Why wouldn't you want to keep them happy?
Parents should have a back-up plan. I understand that this is sometimes easier said than done, but it's part of being a parent. If you are absent from work, you have a back-up plan ready whether it means working from home, or having another employee cover for you. The same should be in play for your children.
Off my soapbox.

On a happier note, snow pictures to come soon...


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