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Gymnast Jilian

Last Wednesday, Jilian had her first gymnastics class.  I took her, and she did so well.  Her two favorite things were swinging from the rope, and doing forward rolls.  She jumped on the trampoline, and I got a work-out just watching her.  I couldn't take pictures while we were there because it's a Mom & Me class, and with her being the youngest in the class, I had to keep a close eye on her. 

Here is her outfit from last week, and a few pictures of her in it.
Already stretching.  Natural?
Love this little keyhole!

This week, Jeremy took her to class.  He came home, changed right out of his work clothes, and took off with her.  He was just as excited as she was! 
He also said that it was a work-out keeping up with her.  He really enjoyed getting to spend time with his little girl alone.  I love that he is such an involved daddy!

I mean seriously - what's not to love about that face?

We were on the waiting list at ASI Gymnastics for a Saturday class, and they have a new Saturday class that opened up this week.  We are excited about that because going in the evenings during the school year would have been quite stressful.  She will start this Saturday.  So we got an extra class for free this month.  Yay!

I got her two leotards at Gymnastics Plus in Southlake for the price of one.  I looked online and went to a couple of stores, but they were all so expensive.  These at Gymnastics Plus were affordable and cute.  I like the multi-colored one best of all.  They are just a tad big, but she will grow into them in no time.  This way, they last longer.   
...and yes, I made her a matching bow for each leotard.  Duh!

Hopefully she continues to enjoy her classes.  Starting in January when she turns two, she can do the classes on her own at Gymnastics Plus.  I went there in the mid 1980's, and I coached there through my high school years in the mid 1990's.  I can't wait to see her there!  (If she wants to do something else when she gets older she can.  Right now, I am in charge of activities!)

We are so proud of you, Sassy Girl!


Blogger Andi said...

Just FYI, I read all the blogs up to date, I'm just too busy to comment on them all (it's 10:46 and I'm STILL working). But SUPER cute stories in each of them! Adorable kiddos! Thanks for sharing!

August 5, 2010 at 10:48 PM  
Anonymous Tia said...

Good deal on leotards and so cute!! Go Mrs. Alice! Can't wait to help coach!

August 6, 2010 at 11:37 AM  

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