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Aba's Birthday

Today is Aba's birthday.
She drives me nuts with the way she is about not wanting ANYONE to know her real age! Here's the scoop...SHE IS 51! She tells some people that she's 45, some that she's 46, and some that she's 42. I don't know how she keeps up. What cracks me up is that I'm 29. Ya - you do the math. So Mom, would you rather somebody think that you had me when you were 13?!? My assumption is that she tells all of her friends that I'm also younger, which isn't good since I have a 5 (almost 6) year old! You just can't win with that woman!
What's sad is that she does NOT look 51, so why lie about it? Maybe it's because I'm not even 30 yet, but I just never understood that whole not wanting people to know your age thing.

We went over to her house tonight and had pizza, buffalo wings, and a pineapple-upside cake that I baked last night which is her fav. We bought her a new cordless phone for her house. She was tired of her old one. For once, she actually liked her gift!!! She is SO picky and never likes anything, so we were glad to see a HAPPY expression for once when she saw what she got. Of course, she didn't want us taking any pictures because she didn't have any make-up on. That's my Mother - the fashion diva!!! God forbid you don't catch her looking 100%!

Jaydon LOVES birthdays. When we were singing 'Happy Birthday", my Mom started singing and Jaydon says to her, "Not you, you don't sing!" Then my Mom told him that he could blow out the candles and he said, "It's not my birthday." He almost looked confused. It was so cute!

Happy Birthday, Aba!
Felicidades, Abuelo Farito! (Abuelo Farito is Aba's Dad-my grandpa. He turned 78-I think. I used to keep up with everyone's age, and I just can't anymore. There are too many people in the family now! Pretty cool that they both have the same birthday though.)


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