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I haven't been blogging much because I don't have much to share. Such a boring, monotonous life that I lead!

I'm trying to get over a cold - I'm almost there. Jaydon is back to 100%-no more sickness for him. He usually recovers pretty quickly, thank goodness!

Things I'd Like To Do In the NEAR Future:
1. Get a mani & pedi.
2. Get my brows waxed.
3. Buy J5 a crib.
4. Buy J4 & J5 coordinating bedding for their cribs.
5. Eat tons of junk food at the State Fair!
6. Go shopping for a new SUV.
7. Have a night out with J1 to do whatever we want.
8. Teach Jaydon how to go across the monkey bars alone. He's "scared" - or so he claims.
9. Send a letter out to all of the residents in our sub-division to encourage them to decorate for Christmas so that I can call the news stations and have them come out here and do a news broadcast. I'd like to have different volunteers stand out there beginning in December every night with a donation bucket, and see if we can raise money for some sort of children's fund from the people who come look at our lights/decorations. I've been wanting to do this for 3 years, so why don't I???

Things I'd Like To Do In The Future:
1. Take a family trip for an entire week to somewhere that we've never been.
2. Start baking a cake from scratch every month to try new recipes. (I've been wanting to do this FOREVER.)
3. Donate time to a children's organization, and be a child advocate.
4. Stack our washer/dryer and build floor-to-ceiling shelves in our laundry room to de-clutter.
5. Just stop living and "smell the roses" for one entire day!


We went on a train ride on Saturday from Grapevine to the Ft. Worth Stockyards and back. Jaydon had a lot of fun, and we (Jeremy & I) enjoyed it too. We think that Jacoby also enjoyed the ride. It took nearly 2 hours to get there due to "train traffic" (Yes - train traffic!) and Jacoby didn't fuss at all. I didn't realize how many cool outdoor things there were to do at the Stockyards. We were at the Stockyards for 2 hours, and enjoyed every minute of it. There are a few pictures of our adventure below - none at the Stockyards because we were having too much fun to stop and take pictures. We did get a cute family picture that cost us $10, but it was worth it and I have it here at home.

Have a great week...

Puffy the Train
Here we go...

SO cool...

The Boys

Jacoby NOT interested...STILL not interested...
The bag wins!
FREEZE - You've been CAUGHT!


Blogger Andi said...

Looks like a GREAT family day! We need to do that some time! I'm so glad J3 is feeling better and that you will be better soon! Colds are NO FUN! Let me know if I can watch the boys while you and Jeremy go out so you can mark something off of your list! :-)

October 8, 2008 at 8:09 AM  
Blogger The York Family Blog said...

That's a great list! I really agree on some of those. A lot I want to do too. Wish money wasn't a factor in a lot of it, but unfortunately it is. The stockyard thing sounds fun. We haven't done that in a long time.

October 9, 2008 at 11:40 AM  

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