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We went in for Jacoby's 1-yr. check-up today. He officially weighed in at 22.4 lbs., (JUST what I weighed him at last week) and he was 30.5 inches. Last week, I measured him at 29.5 inches, so I was off by an inch. I made sure to watch the nurse as she did the length measurement and he was definitely 30.5 inches. He is in the 75th percentile for height, and the 50th for weight. I thought that was rather strange because I think he is so short, but maybe he's really not. His head was also in the 50th percentile at 18.5 inches. So, my boy is right at average. :)
They were supposed to give him 4 shots today, but we only got 2. He will get the other 2 in two more weeks. I cannot stand that he even has to get 2 at once, but I wasn't going to do all 4 - no way. We always split his shots up.

Yesterday, we got a few notes from Jaydon's school...
We got his monthly calendar showing what they are doing each week, and then we got a letter saying that starting this week, they will have weekly spelling tests every Thursday. WHAT?!? A spelling test in KINDERGARTEN?? So I read the rest of the letter and see the 4 spelling words for this week, and then a "challenge" (bonus) word. They will also have a sentence that the teacher will dictate to them and they have to try and write it. They don't tell you the sentence, the kids just have to see how well they can do that day. WHAT - no practice on the sentence?! So I freak out! I'm sure all of you know by now, but I'm a perfectionist. I won two spelling bees in elementary school, so this is definitely my forte for sure! I never ever got a "B" until junior high. I always made straight A's and never missed a day of school until junior high. YA - OCD even at that age!

The four words this week are: LIKE, IS, HAVE, ME, and then the "challenge word" is: BLUBBER. So I pull out Jaydon's wood letters and a notebook & pencil. I ask him to spell the first word with his letters, then to write it- he gets it right. We go through all 4 words with ease - PHEW, my boy is taking after me with spelling - THANK GOD! Then we get to the challenge word and he spells it "bluber". He sounded it out on his own - I'll take it! So I correct him, and he gets it right the 2nd time around. Today, we go to practice the words again and he's got them down pat. I'll tell you what - I have a SMART boy on my hands. I'm so proud of that child!
On top of the weekly spelling words, they also have to read 20 minutes every night, and then they have a homework poem to read and answer questions about. The poem is due every Friday. I cannot get over how much they are doing in Kindergarten! It just makes me wonder what in the world he is going to learn in the years to come?!?

We got Jacoby his first pair of walking shoes today! Let me clarify - ABA bought Jacoby his first pair of walking shoes as a gift for his first birthday. She gave us cash, and begged us to get him some "good" shoes...off we went to Stride Rite at the Southlake Town Centre. She BEGGED that we get him Stride Rite walking boots. We passed on those, and opted for a more modern shoe. Those white boot things are SO ugly! We got him a pair of size 5-wides. He was ALMOST in an X-WIDE, but the lady said she thought the wide fit better. I couldn't believe that he measured at a 5W! They are super cute, and some people would die knowing that they were $49...BUT, they were on sale for $34.95. (Which again to some people is too much for a pair of shoes for a child.) The lady says that at this age, we should get about 3 months use out of them.
These shoes are made to mimic walking in bare feet - "just right" for the beginner walker. We shall see...
Then, I also opted for a 6-pack of new socks. You can't get your first pair of real shoes without some comfy new socks, right? So I check out, and the total is $54.22. I don't think about it until I get to the car and look at the receipt. Yep, the shoes were on sale for $34.95, but the socks were $15! I couldn't believe it! Thank God for Aba's cash because even though I don't mind spending that on a pair of good shoes, that was a little outrageous for socks. Oh well, you only celebrate a first birthday once, right? Thank you, Aba! :)

Here are the shoes:
(Yes, I'm a dork for taking pictures of them. I cannot wait to get a GOOD camera because my digital is SO outdated, and the flash sucks!)

Y'all have a good week!
I'll blog again on Thursday night after my sonogram and check-up.



Blogger Andi said...

OMG! I just don't think I could spend that much on shoes and socks! My Mom told me to go Stride Rite and I told her I couldn't afford them...unlike your Mom, she didn't give me the money, LOL! Yes, K has been quite the experience! Ash has been dictating sentences all year (not well, mind you) but no spelling tests yet. Go, J3, GO!!

January 7, 2009 at 10:07 AM  

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