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Funny Jaydon & Shopping

Just a couple of Jaydon funnies from the past few weeks:

I got to my mom's house last week to pick Jaydon up after work, and we were sitting in the back room where there is a large window that allows a lot of sunlight into the house. I looked over at Jaydon and said, "Man bubba, you have a unibrow. That's a lot of hair in between your eyebrows." Jaydon says, "Like you!"
My Mom cracked up and told me to wait a few years because the insults just get worse as they age.
YA - SCORE! Thank you son, for reminding your mother that she is hairy. Dear, sweet child...

Jeremy was wrestling with Jaydon the other day, and he squeezed Jaydon tightly and wrapped his arms and legs in a weird position. Jaydon gets really angry and says, "DAD, that's enough...stop twisting me like a pretzel right now!"
For that one, you just HAD to be there to see the look on his face as he said that. Nice metaphor though, right? :)

Today when I got to Jaydon's school to pick him up, there was ice all over my car from being parked outside at work. Jaydon stops and stares at my car and says, "Mom, what happened?" I said, "Oh honey, it's just ice. It's cold outside so the ice stuck to my car." He says, "Today is icy and cold outside, right mom?" So I tell him that he's right. A few minutes down the road, he says, "MOM, it's dying!" So I turn around and say, "What is dying?" He says, "The ice is dying!"
So to give Jaydon some credit, he has learned (after asking daily) in the past few weeks what death is. Technically, the ice WAS dying, but I taught him that ice melts and doesn't die. He caught on quickly because then he said that chocolate melts in the oven too when we make cookies, and insisted that he wanted cookies as soon as we got home. :)

Yesterday, I went shopping at Addy's Closet. It's this small, home-feeling place in Saginaw. I got probably 60 outfits - not exaggerating - for FREE. I recommend that everyone check it out! It's located at...ha! Had you going there, huh?
I really went shopping at the Linder's (Andrea & Brian) home. Addy is their soon-to-be 1-year old daughter who was born 8 days after Jacoby. She has SO much clothes! Some of the outfits were 2nd and 3rd time hand-me downs, and some of them were brand new with tags or only worn once. I went through a stack of 100ish outfits and took about half. NONE have stains and hardly any have faded. It's amazing! I have clothes to last Jilian without having to wear anything twice until she is 9-12 months old - no joke!
I know, some of you are in awe, right? Jessica taking hand me downs? No way! Well, believe it! I couldn't pass them up. I know Andrea well enough to know that the stuff was coming from somebody who has a lot of the same tastes that I do, and that it would all be clean.
Jaydon never wore a hand me down, and has yet to wear any. Jacoby has had maybe 1 or 2 outfits that were hand me downs from friends. Even HE got all brand new clothing since we sold Jaydon's clothes at a garage sale a few years ago. So Jilian will be the "hand-me down queen", but I'm okay with that. I realize that I'm in NO financial situation to be buying clothes right now, and they grow so quickly anyway. Besides, she will still get new stuff for special occasions, birthdays, and Christmas, right? She got about 20 new outfits at my baby shower, plus a few outfits that I had bought, and then she got like 5 new outfits for Christmas, so she is more than set. However you look at it, all of my kids are spoiled rotten!
Thank you, Andi, for allowing me to borrow the clothes!!!
So to continue that tradition, if you or anyone you know is having a boy, I would be glad to offer Jacoby's clothes to them to be borrowed,too. :)

I have a sonogram & 37-week check-up on Thursday. It was supposed to be today, but I had to postpone it because of the weather. I didn't want to drive to Bedford, and then get stuck in traffic on the way back. I can't wait to see her in my belly one last time. Then that will officially be my last baby sonogram ever. Jeremy & Jaydon will both be going with me. :)
Only 2 more weeks until Jilian Cate arrives. We are in official countdown mode now!

Talk to you again soon...


Blogger The York Family Blog said...

I know all the clothes are an overwhelming situation! The amount of time I know I have spent sorting out, looking through, and hanging all the hand me downs was and still is ridiculous. But worth it. There are some great clothes in that bunch. I know When Peyton was a baby I went nutts on buying clothes. First child and all. I can't believe only 2 weeks left! Keep us posted on your progress and delivery.

January 6, 2009 at 11:05 AM  
Blogger jgarvey said...

NIce that you took hand-me-downs from Andi. You wouldn't take any of mine...you must think I'm DIRTY

January 6, 2009 at 1:49 PM  
Blogger Andi said...

J3 has GOT to be the funniest kid I have ever met! Don't worry, I have a unibrow too sometimes, ha! I'm realy glad you're giving in to the hand me downs, it will help financially in the long run! I can't believe you are already down to 2 weeks...this year has absolutely flown!

January 6, 2009 at 7:56 PM  

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