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New Slide Shows!

Check out my two new slide shows above!
They each have about 20 pictures. The top one has all brand new family photos, and the bottom one has mostly new family/friends photos. I kept about 5 old pictures that I just couldn't bare to part with. Aren't my boys (all 3 of them!) just adorable? :)

Yesterday was Jaydon's class party at school. I went up to the school to help out with this. They made reindeer food for Santa's reindeer. The recipe is: oats, chocolate chips, and sprinkles (or glitter). The sprinkles make the food glitter so that when the reindeer are flying overhead, they can see it and land at your house. Pretty cool, huh? (I thought it was cool!) Make sure you make some with your children before Christmas Eve, and let them sprinkle it out on the lawn that night!
At the party, they ate cupcakes, goldfish, ice cream, and juice. Jaydon only drank the juice, of course - picky child that he is! They got a wrapped present from their teacher which Jaydon will open on Christmas Day. (It's a book, and a Christmas tree ornament with their picture in it.) They also got a goodie bag filled with stuff. Jaydon was too busy playing with his goldfish to take pictures, but I got a couple in.
I was there for an hour, and I got to observe all of the children. At one point, the teacher was putting their dots on their calendar so of course, I discreetly walked around the room and looked at each child's calendar. There are 21 children in the room, and I can HONESTLY say that my son is one of the better behaved. There were only 2 children - both girls - in the ENTIRE class who had all green dots this six weeks. Jaydon came in third place with all green dots except for one orange. (He and another little boy got into a scissor fight one day, and he got moved from green to yellow to orange...more about this in a second.) Anyway, it was shocking to see all of the colors on their calendars. I have heard through the "PTA grapevine" that Jaydon's teacher has the toughest class, and I can honestly say that she probably does. One little boy had ALL orange or red. When you get to red, you go to the Principal's office. He is in there 3 days per week - minimum. That is just scary to me that a 5 year old could be sent to the office that often. Although in the hour I was there, I could definitely see why! THIS is the little boy who instigated the scissor fight with my son, and caused his only mishap this six weeks. After seeing the rainbow of colors around the room, I will never get upset with my son again for his minimal color changes. Nobody is perfect, and we all deserve to "bend the rules" every once in a while. I'm a firm believer in discipline, but to a certain extent. I will remember from now on when I'm upset with him, that it could always be worse!

That's it from here! I have spent the past 3 hours redoing my slide shows, so I hope people notice! I'm pooped!

Good night...


Blogger Andi said...

That's so funny, Ash's class made Reindeer food too, made an ornament, AND her teacher gave them wrapped books for Christmas. Must be the things to do in KG! LOVE the new slide shows...I LOVE to see my "work" on everyone's blog, LOL!

December 20, 2008 at 8:12 PM  

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