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Two Holes are Better Than One

Stop RIGHT there - come back to a normal frame of mind. This is not a risque blog, and I'm not talking nasty. I know all of you moms out there that read my blog were thinking dirty thoughts...I KNOW you were!

We are talking earrings here folks! My littlest angel got her ears pierced today!

We wanted to have it done last weekend, but ran out of time. Today was quite busy, but I HAD to have her ears pierced before Easter tomorrow.

Our doctor told us that we could have her ears pierced whenever we wanted, so we just waited until after she was 2 months old and had gotten her first set of vaccinations.

Side note: In Miami, the doctor pierces the baby's ears AT his office during a well-check, should you so choose to do it then. TOTALLY different culture here! (Ear piercing rampage to follow - don't you worry!)
He told us to go somewhere where they do tons of piercings, (less chance of infection) and not some small "mom & pop" place where they may not follow proper sterilization protocol. (Which just brought this vision into my head of a man named Butch at some tattoo parlor in Podunk, Texas trying to pierce her ears. I think I LOL'd as the doctor was telling me this just thinking about my vision.)
When a doctor says stuff like that, it's only because somebody else has already done it - you know it is!

We went to a place called Sweet & Sassy at the mall. Sweet & Sassy just seemed cleaner than Claire's, which was right across the hall.

My grandma bought Jilian a pair of 18K white gold diamond studs as her first set of earrings. I wanted to use those, but they told me I couldn't. I told them I would pay them the same amount as what they charge if I used their earrings, and they still wouldn't do it. They said that they HAVE to use their earrings for sanitary and safety reasons, and because my earrings may not fit their gun. Alright, you kinda pulled me in with the whole sanitary thing. I'll bite! After 4-6 weeks, I can change them out, so I'll just be patient.

Jeremy of course went outside with Jacoby. He cannot STAND needles, guns, or anything like that. The thought of him
passing out didn't really appeal to me, so I'm glad he opted out of this. Jaydon and I were the brave ones.

The lady asked me if I wanted to do both ears at once, or do them separately. She says that when they are older, it's better to do them both at once because they tend to chicken out after the first one. (Can you imagine only one ear pierced?) When they are baby's, she likes to do them separately because she feels like you get them more even that way. I opted for the latter knowing that she would cry twice, but "even-ness" is pretty darn important here, people!

After signing the waiver and giving them my left tit, (God they asked me a million questions!) we were ready to go.
She did cry - twice - but she was over it in about 3.4 milliseconds. After the first ear was done and Jilian let out her little lamb cry, Jaydon says, "Mam, I don't think she likes you!" He's so funny!

I got one of the girls there to videotape the whole thing so that Jeremy could see it later. (He still hasn't watched!) I'm not going to post it because I don't want to hear people's negativity about ear piercing at such a young age. I've heard it all already!
Sheesh...to each his own!

It's funny to me that people want to give their kids that "choice".
A)Who are the parents?
B)If they "chose" to have a tattoo, would you let them have that, too? No. If they "chose" to drink soda all day instead of something good for them, would you let them do that? No. So why all of a sudden do kids have a "choice" in ear piercing? At the end, isn't it really the PARENT'S choice in all that they do?
C)If they don't want the holes when they are older, take the earrings out, and let them close up...THAT is her CHOICE!
D)My daughter certainly didn't argue or put up a fight the two times that I've already cleaned them today.
E)She won't get mistaken for a boy gosh darn it! (...although this day in age, ya just never know!)

Phew - that was a nice release, and not intended towards ANYONE in particular! I have spoken to quite a few of you about this, and ASKED for your opinions AND treasured what you have told me, so again, not directed at anyone in particular.

To me, she looks like a little doll. I'm so excited we finally got it done!

Amanda made a SUPER cute Onesie for Jilian and Ava this past week. She ironed on some letters and she made them matching bows to go with the Onesie.
When I went over to her house last night to pick it up, we both got so giddy and excited. I don't want to tell you what they say - you'll just have to see them...RIGHT down below.
She is going to try her hand at bow-making, so that should be interesting. I have to say that she did a very good job for her first time around.

Oh - and my husband calls Jilian's bows, "mums" because of their size. Totally cracks me up, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Today, we got to see one of my friends that I graduated from high school with courtesy of Facebook. SO freakin' cool! She lives in the UK, and was here for Easter with her 20-month old son, Ian. Cristina, her, and I went to prom together our senior year.

Anyway, I got to see her parents and two younger sisters as well. I hardly recognized the youngest sister. I think the last time I saw her, she was maybe 10 years old, and now she is a junior at Texas Tech - AMAZING!
Ian was so cute with Jilian - as you'll see below.
Since we didn't have a 10-year high school reunion, this was our mini 12-year reunion. Jeremy thought that seeing us together was nuts, so imagine us 12 years ago, pre-children?

It was GREAT to see you, Jill. (...and yes, of COURSE I named my daughter after you after so many years!)

Back of Onesie...

Whole Outfit...

Click for close-up of earrings...

Ian, Jill and Jil...

Starting to dig Jili...

Lovin' him some of my baby girl... Ian, stay on your side of the pond buddy. Her daddy owns a gun! :)

I'll be back a few times in the next few days, so stay tuned for more "As the Rogers Row". <---Sounds better than "As the Rogers Turn".


Blogger Andi said...

That's wonderful that you got to see an old friend! Good for you! J3 cracks me up! His "observations" are so genuine! Since the piercing is what you wanted, I'm glad you were finally able to find time! And GREAT job on the onesies/bows, Amanda! Very impressive!

April 13, 2009 at 8:47 AM  
Blogger The York Family Blog said...

I love the onesies and bows. And I agree....if you want your kid to have earrings..no matter the age, then do it. To each his own. Jayden is too funny. ha good blog.

April 13, 2009 at 5:06 PM  

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