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The Boys

Lately, it seems like Jilian is the "star" of the show. 
After all, she is the baby, and the only girl.

Well, it's not to say that I am not just as proud of my boys as I am of her.

Let's see what the boys (My sons, NOT the Cowboys - BLAH!) are up to, shall we?

Jaydon just finished the 5th six weeks of school.  He has made straight A's the ENTIRE year.  He has perfect conduct all year (stickers every single day) with perfect attendance as well.  How lucky are we to have such a smart, healthy, and well-mannered boy?
He also seems to be doing better at socializing. . . YAY! 
He officially starts Karate classes next week and is quite excited about this.  He has also been playing golf with his Daddy whenever possible.
He spoils his little sister rotten.  I am pretty sure that Jilian thinks he hung the moon.  They are so sweet together.
He is quite the model.  He is tall & dark with a thick build - 65+lbs. and around 51 inches tall.  He is officially 1 ft. away from being my height.  I can't get over how handsome he is.
That little boy will forever hold the first spot in my heart.  ☺

He is 2 years and 3 months old.  He is a little busy body.  He LOVES to play outside.  LOVES it.  He climbs up and down all by himself off the trampoline, slide, and swings.  He also turns the water on more than he should, but that's okay. 
As busy as he is though, he is my learning machine.  Jacoby recognizes ALL of his uppercase letters, (in random order) and he can tell you what sound every single letter makes.  He can count to 10.  He knows all of his body parts, and recognizes 5-6 animals. 
He loves to hear me sing to him.  He loves to grab books and bring them over to me.  His favorites are the books that have animals in them because he loves hearing me make a fool out of myself as I make the animal sounds.
Our next objective is lowercase letters and colors, followed by shapes.  I have no doubts that he will learn all of this very quickly.  Pre-K here we come!  Oh wait, he's only 2.
He has a charming personality.  He laughs at jokes and smiles from ear to ear when it is time to pick his brother up from school.
We have realized over the past few weeks that he needs alone time.  He behaves like a different child at night after Jaydon & Jilian are both asleep.  He stays up the latest, and enjoys the individual attention.  We are pretty sure he gets out of bed 400,000 times on purpose.  Whatever it takes so that he doesn't get that "middle child" syndrome is fine by me.
I am so in love with Jacoby's eyelashes, and his care-free attitude.  In my next life, I want to come back just like him. 

I ♥ both of my boys so much!
What's not to love about those two adorable faces?


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Karate?? Need update!

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