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Jilian went in for her 15-month check-up yesterday.  I was off by a little bit on her numbers last week.  (I think because I always weigh her with clothes and shoes on.) 
She officially weighed in at 21½ pounds and was 30¼ inches long.  Yes, petite little thing.  She was exactly the 25th percentile for weight, and the 40th percentile for height.  I'm glad she's at least a little longer than she is big. 
Jaydon was 34 inches, and Jacoby was 32½ inches at 15 months.  They both weighed 2+ pounds more than her.  I still cannot get over how petite she is.  We gave the boys Ensure starting at 12 months to make sure they were getting their fill of vitamins, minerals, etc.  We may just have to start giving her some, too.  It might just help her grow a little!  

Her visit went well.  She talked to the doctor and only got one shot.  I am glad because we usually split the shots up and now, we don't have to go back just for shots.  YAY! 
She will go back again at 18 months just for a check-up.  Her doctor said no more shots until age 4.  They must have changed something recently because I remember the boys getting another set of shots at either 18 months or 2 years.

Oh, and Jeremy took her to the doctor alone.  He is so good with her!  He said that at the end when the nurse came back to give her the shot, that Jilian just looked at her and started shaking her head no.  So funny. 
He said that she behaves so much better than the boys at the doctor.  I think he just spoils her rotten and he doesn't pay attention to any "misbehavior" that may occur.  Daddy's little girl for sure.

We have a busy weekend, and we hope you enjoy yours!


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