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A Motherly Weekend

It started with Muffins with Mom (See blog entry and pictures below on my May 9th blog.) and continued on into Saturday & Sunday...

On Saturday, we woke up early and Jeremy made us breakfast - chorizo & egg taquitos - which was so good. Then we had a 12:00 baseball game. The kids did SO well. We played the team that spanked our backsides a few weeks ago, the ones that were almost 7 years old. The kids did a LOT better this time around. After that, we went to lunch at Oscar's Mexican Restaurant where we used our $25 gift card. I had shrimp quesadillas and they were AWESOME. Jeremy had the beef flautas which were just okay. Thank goodness for nice 'ole me who let him have half of mine. GUESS WHAT ELSE I HAD?! Come on - someone, take a guess! DUH...dessert!! I ate a HUGE strawberry sopapilla and enjoyed every last bite all to myself. The testosterone at the table doesn't have the sweet tooth that I do. I could eat dessert after breakfast! Then we came home and hung out. We played outside with Jaydon for a while & enjoyed the beautiful weather.
After the boys went to bed, Jeremy and I decided to cook our contributions for Mother's Day lunch at Aba's. Yes, we decided to do this at 11:00 PM - Saturday night. I made 4 cups of white rice with finely chopped onions & garlic, and I also made "Sandra's Cake". (I think it's called a "crumble". It's yellow cake, crumbled w/pineapples, cool whip and cherry pie filling.) So needless to say, it was 12:45 before we went to bed.

Oh - let me backtrack a bit...
On Saturday, Jacoby woke up at about 7:45 AM. I thought - PERFECT! By noon when it's time for baseball, he will be BEAT! Nope, no such luck! That little slugger is a sleep fighter! He was awake the ENTIRE game and went from one team mom to the next. I felt SO badly for them, although I think most of them enjoyed holding him. (Since I/we coach, I can't help too much with him and his surrogate mother, Andrea, has to help me.) Anyway, FINALLY at 1:15ish, he falls asleep - the second we get in the car. At 2:45, while we are at the restaurant, he wakes up. He only slept 1½ hours!!! He behaved just fine at the restaurant while we finished eating, so it was okay. Then he stayed awake again until about 6:30 at which time he took a 23-minute nap! Then at 8:30, he went to sleep for the entire night - until 6:30 Sunday morning, which is 10 hours. Okay, so YOU do the math...in 13 hours, that little boy slept 1 hour & 23 minutes! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE?! I thought children were supposed to sleep like 16 hours at 4-months of age!! I have tried reading up on it, and there are varied answers as to what is "normal" at this age. The gist of my readings was that as long as he's "alert" when he's awake, (which he is) then I shouldn't worry.
I also know that he is teething and he is drooling and he wants to bite EVERYTHING. Poor baby. :( We have tried teething tablets, cold wash rags, teething toys, rattles, receiving blankets, Tylenol...nothing helps the boy.
We thought that he was waking up a lot because he only likes to sleep on his tummy or side. So we invested in the little wedge thingies hoping that when he tried to roll over to his back that it would stop him...of course not! He is so strong that he rolls RIGHT over them and ends up on the opposite side of the bed. I am NOT exaggerating. He literally tucks into a ball with his backside WAY up to the ceiling and "jumps" right over them. ARGH Jacoby! I love you sweet boy, but your mommy & daddy are going crazy trying to make you comfortable, son! :)

This morning, I got to "sleep in". (Is 7:45 sleeping in?) I was woken up by the boys and a homemade Mother's Day card, homemade paper flowers, and breakfast. I love stuff like that more than any material gift. Jeremy and I decided a long time ago that we weren't going to celebrate holidays in any "special way", and an acknowledgement/card was good enough. He gets so creative, and I love that he gets the boys (well, just Jaydon at this point) involved with crafts like that. We like to do stuff the rest of the year, and don't really need a "special occasion" to do something for each other. Jaydon wished me a Happy Mother's Day, and Jacoby gurgled, laughed and drooled on me. It was the sweetest show of love ever!
Then we went to Aunt Pam's house for a bit with the Rogers side of the family. They were barbecuing hot dogs and burgers. We took Jeremy's mom a gift (picture frame with a picture of both boys) and card, and hung out there. Then we went to Aba's house where we ate WAY TOO MUCH! Jaydon kept asking to leave Aunt Pam's house because he wanted "to go to Aba's to eat the yummy rice & chicken". He didn't want the burgers or hot dogs - WEIRD little boy, I know! So we stayed at Aba's house until 5:00. Everyone LOVED "Sandra's Cake". (Thanks, Sandra, for the recipe!) My sister, mom, grandma, (in FL) and dad (in FL) all gave me a gift. I laugh because I know I'm a mother, but my sister is not my daughter and shouldn't buy me anything. Sweet Jessenia - she got me a gift card to Barnes & Noble, and the other 3 people mentioned gave me cards & cash.

We have been home all evening just relaxing. Jaydon went to sleep at 6:00 - he was SO pooped. He played for 4 hours at Aba's house with a few other kids that were there who belonged to my mom's friends. They chased each other, jumped on the trampoline, played video games and went non-stop. He'll wake up about 6:00 tomorrow morning which is fine because he didn't get a bath and he SO needs one. I washed his feet with some wipes and that was that, but that boy needs a daily bath - even if he hasn't played hard.

I watched DH and I cannot believe that the season finale is next Sunday! I will have to go 4 entire months without that show! What is a girl to do???

Jeremy has to get on his laptop to check email from work, and he needs to hook up to the internet. (He doesn't have wireless.) I guess that's enough typing from me anyway. I can go on forever, sorry!

¡Hasta mañana!


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