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Wonderful Weekend!

Saturday morning, we got up early to have baseball practice. Little did we know that we had moved to Antarctica without even having to pack any bags!! My goodness was it penguin weather out there! We had planned on taking the team picture, some individual pictures, and then having practice...well, it didn't exactly happen that way. Brian (Andi's husband) got started on taking the pictures, and the poor kids were absolutely frozen. The wind must have been blowing like 3,000 m.p.h, and I know I heard teeth chattering. The parents are all bundled up watching, while the poor kids are just freezing. We ended up canceling the practice, which was fine by all. I just hope the pictures turned out well - I'm sure they did!
Brief background on the pics: The plan is to upload the pictures to a CD for each parent to have pictures of their child from the entire season. Andrea & Brian have been taking pictures at each game and then they took the team & individual pictures yesterday. The people who were scheduled to take the pictures wanted $40-$60 per package, and I thought that was WAY nuts. We have tons of CD's here, and Andrea's camera is AWESOME, so there was no point in spending that much money on pictures, and then only getting one pose. This way, the kids got a bunch of poses, and then the parents can pick which pictures they want to print, and take care of the printing on their own.
After the picture session, we came home. One of the little boys from the team, Ayden, came with us. He & Jaydon changed out of their baseball uniforms, and then I took them to McDonald's. After an hour, they were ready to come home again. They played outside once they got here - jumped on the trampoline, played on the swing set and wore themselves out. It had warmed up by then which was nice. Another little boy from down the street who is also on the baseball team, and in Jaydon's class came over to play too. His name is also Ayden, so we have to call him Ayden C. and the other one is Ayden W. and then there's my son, Jaydon. Ayden, Ayden, Jaydon - so confusing! I ended up having to call each child by first and last name because their names were just too similar. Both Aydens went home around 1:00, (neither one wanted to leave) and then the Rogers headed to Wal-Mart later that evening. Oh dear sweet Wal-Mart...We cannot get out of there for under $200. It's funny because when it was just Jeremy & I without kids, we used to say, "Man, we can't get out of there for under $100." Now it's, "We can't get out for under $200!" Thanks to our friends Mike & Sandra, we have started coupon clipping. Jeremy and I have NEVER clipped coupons, and we thought it was just silly when we saw people with $.40 coupons and they'd take forever at the check-out. Well, our total at Wal-Mart was $244 and after coupons, it was $222. Yes, that's $22 savings!!! So we no longer laugh at the coupon clippers because we are just like them now! $22 times 4 times per month that we go grocery shopping equals big savings! When you are a one-person income with 2 kids, you'll take anything you can get!

This morning, Jeremy went and practiced putting & chipping. He has a golf tournament tomorrow as a charity event for Jaydon's school. I'll let you know how he does tomorrow. He's a very good golfer though and usually shoots in the low-mid 80's.
While Jeremy was golfing, I made dinner and took care of the boys. My sister came over here to use the computer for a bit because she's in the process of moving and doesn't have her internet hooked up yet. Poor thing came all the way over here and then didn't get anything accomplished. We ended up talking the entire time she was here. I didn't mind it though - I don't get to talk to her nearly enough with our different schedules. Kristy brought Zane over here while she went to a study group for a few hours, so Jaydon got to play with Zane on Friday, and then again today. They love playing together and never get tired of each other so it's fine by me.

I went to see Nicki at the hospital this evening. Poor, poor Nicki looks so slender and frail. She is doing better as far as the breathing and surgery goes, but she still isn't eating. I think that she's just tired of being at the hospital, and being home would probably bring her appetite back. They want her moving around and walking, and she didn't want to get out of bed because she was tired. I had the idea to draw a map for her like Dora, and we could go on a treasure hunt and find the things on the map...it seemed to work. We (Cathy, Gannon and I) took her downstairs to the cafeteria and she was tired very quickly. She ended up riding in the wagon with her IV dragging behind her. Her blood work showed today that she was anemic, (hence her being tired...if you watched Desperate Housewives tonight, you'll laugh at my use of the word "hence") but since she's not eating, they can't give her iron pills because you can't take those on an empty stomach. (Ask any woman who has been pregnant and had to take iron how badly they hurt your stomach if you take them on an empty tummy!) There was an atrium in the lobby of the hospital. There was music playing so we took her there to dance. Gannon and I danced too, and then Gannon danced with his mommy. Then I gave them both piggy back rides and they enjoyed that. Gannon and I put on a "show" and we pretended to change costumes. Nicki got good laughs out of it, and that was the whole point of doing it. It was good to hear her giggling again, and I know Cathy enjoyed her laughter too. We hope that she gets out very very soon. She asked today when she could come over to my house to play again, and I told her that she had to eat, and then they would let her come play at my house again. That didn't work though because when dinner came, she didn't eat much at all. Come on Nicki, I'm pulling for you sweetie!

I think I've written enough to last a lifetime.
There are so many thoughts in my head today, but I know I must stop before I bore everyone to tears.

Have a fabulous week!


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