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I'm not in the mood to blog tonight, so I thought I'd share a very old video I just found. Things like this make you so proud to be a mother, and I hope to be able to share these memories with my children in the years to come...

Jaydon was just turning 3 when the video below was taken in late 2005. Thanks Tia (Tia means "Aunt" in Spanish) for taking this! Jaydon was a LATE talker - VERY late, so it was always exciting to hear him say anything at all. It totally melts my heart to hear him squeal with delight in the middle of the video when he sees Tio - Tia Jessenia's boyfriend. She was trying to get Jaydon to say something, and he wouldn't - typical child behavior when the camera is rolling, and they don't want to cooperate.

Quick Story: Jaydon & Gannon were in the back seat on the way home from Mark's today, and Jaydon says, "Mom, look!" I turn around (Yes, great driver that I am; but I AM a mother, and I CAN multi-task!) and say, "What is it?" Jaydon says, "Mom, my pants, they have a hole in them. TWO holes!" So I say, "Jaydon, it's okay." He says, "Mom, it's really NOT okay. You are supposed to say...Jaydon, we'll buy you new ones." So I tell him, "Jaydon, I'll buy you new ones." He says, "Thanks Mom, that's much better."

Such a difference in conversation from the video above. They grow up so fast! I love you with all of my heart, Jaydon Cole! You are a special little boy, and you will always hold the middle part of my heart, right in between Daddy & Jacoby. Keep making the world smile, son!

Have a good night!


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