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Ding-Dong Ditching!

I have to start my blog today with one of the funniest - like HYSTERICALLY funny - things that has happened here at the Rogers household in a very long time...
The four of us are hanging out in the den sometime before 7:00 PM when the doorbell rings. Jeremy is at the door within seconds, and nobody is there. He opens the door and sees a plastic grocery bag with something in it sitting by the front door...but NOBODY is around. At this point, I'm also at the door and he's standing in our driveway looking around. He says, "Don't touch that bag! This isn't cool. You don't know what's in there!" So he gets the bag and throws it down our sidewalk closer to the grass and says, "I'm going in." (Like he's a dang surgeon, or a member of the bomb squad!) He cautiously - I mean EXTREMELY cautiously - starts tearing the bag open and there are small cartons in it. He opens one, and it's a brownie. So I say, "Man, is somebody trying to poison us? Do NOT eat that. Take it to the trash now." I look around at all of the neighbor's houses thinking I'll see a glimmer of a sign as to who did it. He continues to open the bag and there is another carton with a pecan pie, and 2 others with ice cream, and 2 other small ones with caramel sauce and chocolate sauce. Jeremy thinks that a delivery must have been made to the wrong house, and at this point I'm thinking...does that brownie have weed in it?? Who is trying to poison or drug us? (Okay, so maybe I watch too many movies!) We are standing there looking dumbfounded and awestruck determined to stick that delicious dessert in the trash when who should come rounding the corner? ANDREA & BRIAN LINDER...with kids in tow. Jeremy says, "I thought that was y'all I saw tearing off down the road a few minutes ago." OKAY JEREMY - you so did NOT think it was them when you were "oh so cautiously" opening the bag, you freaked out paranoid man - don't lie and act all cool because Brian is around! Andi and Brian are laughing hysterically and I finally realize that they are the culprits. Brian says that they wanted us to be surprised, but then he thought that they should come back because like he said to Andi, "Would YOU eat food that was just left mysteriously on your front porch?" We all get the laughing fits and you would have really thought that the brownie had something in it! (If you aren't laughing at this point, you just had to be there!)
Let me explain something...Brian is 6'2'' tall, and not a small man...he took off like Jumpin' Jack Flash because we did NOT see him...and Andrea...she must have floored that Dodge Durango like there was no tomorrow because there were no signs of them anywhere! They were really sweet and decided to bring us dessert. We had gone to dinner with them a few weeks back and I mentioned that I liked barely cooked brownies with ice cream. She knew of a place that had just that for dessert, and brought it all the way to our house from Saginaw where they live. Sweet people that they are to bring us dessert and share the fatty love! BTW - it was SO good!
Little do they know that the Rogers are tricky people too, and that whole "ding-dong ditching" (Yes, "ding-dong ditching" does have another name that is probably more familiar to most, but I'm not going to use that derogatory word on my family blog!) part won't go unnoticed. Payback is a "B" Linder Family...it's on like Donkey Kong! :)

Rest of my day...
Worked this morning, picked Jaydon & Gannon up, came home and fed them, fed Jacoby, and Jeremy got here from the golf tournament at 2:00. His team did well - they shot a 59 which is 11 under par. It was a 4-man tournament and they thought they did good...but the winning score was a 49. It was a fundraiser for Jaydon's school and you could buy mulligans for $20. He bought one for his team and he thinks that other teams bought a LOT more than one; hence the reason there were lower scores. Jeremy is SO competitive and VERY honest when it comes to stuff like that because he wants to win fair & square. He led me to believe that he thought some of the other teams weren't quite as honest and fair. (You were allowed to buy more than one but Jeremy felt like that was cheating and too expensive anyway.) It was a lot of fun and they got fed TONS of delicious food, so that made his day. He also won a door prize: a $25 gift certificate to Oscar's Mexican Restaurant, a cool lunchbox, a pen, a calculator and then he brought home a goody bag, too. All in all, he says it was well worth it and Diamond Oaks had their country club/golf course looking really nice.
I didn't have to go get Mark today because he was sick. First time in 6 years that he's missed school. Poor kiddo!

We were supposed to have baseball practice today at 5:45, and we canceled it at 4:30 because it looked like it was going to pour. Leave it to Mother Nature in Texas to do just the opposite...it was sprinkling and cloudy at 4:30 and then by 5:45, it was sunny and beautiful! Go figure!!

I DID get my CD with all of Jacoby's photo shoot pictures, and spent most of my evening uploading them and sending them out to all of you who probably read this blog. Then I added another slideshow with the pictures to my blog. Check it out up top...cute stuff!
I REALLY loved the pictures though and am very happy with the end result!

Alright, must go to bed now and start thinking of ways to get the Linder's back {insert evil wicked laugh here}...



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