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Yesterday was the long awaited "First Annual Lazy Race". We were quite pumped about it, and had a lot of fun participating. The Linder's fed everyone barbecue, and then people brought over side dishes and dessert. It was all delicious, and the Linder's did an AWESOME job putting it all together! We were quite impressed with the turnout, and also with the clues. It took a lot of creativity - we don't know if they did it all, or if the internet (i.e. Google) was helpful, but either way, it was planned out perfectly...
We got there a little late - okay, a LOT late due to some sitter issues - like 6:00 instead of 5:00 - but it was no biggie because we hadn't planned on eating before the race anyway. We didn't want to feel stuffed in the nearly 100º weather. We got the rules, and the race started...
There were about 10 events - if I remember correctly. Each team had a different starting point. I did some of the events, Jeremy did some of them. I did a kid's obstacle course - the big blow-up ones that people have at birthday parties. Then we did a search for a black star on a bunch of small beach balls outside. Then we had to unscramble some words which spelled out "Texas Pit Barbecue". Then we had to find a rubber ducky in their master bedroom tub - a tub full of 100 ducks - we had to find one that said, "1st Annual Lazy Race". (I think Andi said that 10 out of the 100 had that written on them.) We then went in their office and had to find a green dot on the bottom of about 100 flowers on Andi's new desk. (GREAT office furniture by the way!) Then there was a sack race, a jump/hop about 50 yards on some big 'ole blow-up horses. (Too funny how some people looked doing this - or should I say, NOT doing it!) We had to beat Andi at a hand of Texas Hold 'Em, dig through a kids pool filled with sand to find a small key, fill a tube with water by using a shot glass to get the golf ball up to the top, and then head out to the corner snow cone stand (about 1 mile away) to order a snow cone, eat it, and then return back. I think those were all of the things we did, and not in that order. After you finished one event, one of the helper's gave you your next clue. It was non-stop for probably 30-45 minutes - I don't even know how long it took because we were so busy concentrating.
Anyway, we finished 5th out of 9 teams! We were NOT happy with this! We would not have been satisfied with ANYTHING but 1st place though - that's how competitive we both are. Second place is the first loser, and anything after that just sucks massive donkey balls! (Inside joke that only 1 person will laugh at!) Yes, we are quite competitive!!! We thought we were doing well, but it was the things that we had no control over that put us behind. For example, the Texas Hold 'Em...never played, so we had no clue if we were winning or not. We just trusted that Andi was doing it right. (We have NO doubt that she was!) It took us 7-8 hands to beat her - quite time consuming since she was shuffling 3 times between each hand. (Love ya Andi!) What sucked was when another team got to the same station and then she had to deal to both of us - ARGH! They were there for 2 hands, and we both ended up beating her at the same time. Two hands for them - like 8 for us! Then at the snow cone stand, we got our snow cone no problem, but a family of 3 ordered 3 different snow cones when we were trying to get our last clue, after we had eaten it already. So we had to wait in line for a few minutes there! ARGH! (There must have been people "spilling" the snow cones "accidentally" because there sure were a LOT of red spots around the place where you sat to eat. Too funny!) When we arrived and heard that we were team 5, Jeremy lost his appetite, and I cursed in Español. Depressing! :(
We were up analyzing the race until 2AM - yes, we REALLY were - and realized that the people who came in 8th and 9th place were also at the snow cone stand at the end with us, so the only luck we had was finishing in 5th ahead of them. It seems like the order you did things may have mattered although some people disagree with that. We just want to know how far ahead the first teams finished, or if it was just back-to-back finishes. We were in 5th, and I know that teams 6-9 finished just seconds after us.
So are we extremely frustrated? YES! Could we have beat everyone in a foot race? (I didn't win the high school State Track championship - 100-yard dash for nothing!) YES! Game of Jeopardy? Win that! Again, the things we didn't have control over were what put us behind. Absolutely NO luck there!
Did we have fun? ABSOLUTELY! Would we do it again? ABSOLUTELY! Does it sound like I'm whining? Yes! However, I was an analyst for a few years, and I analyze everything. So now Jeremy is in the habit of analyzing too!
I do feel good though because we noticed 3 different groups popping Advil, (or something of the like) and we didn't. We woke up refreshed this morning - it was a nice work-out, and neither one of us is sore. PHEW!
Oh - the prizes were also very creative and cute. Everyone won something which was quite thoughtful. We won a $15 gift card to Wal-Mart. It was a $20 entrance fee, so we feel like we came out evenly - especially since they fed us such yummy food. First place won $100, 2nd place won $50, (Congratulations York family!) 3rd place won $30, and then the rest were gift cards or silly prizes.
Thanks Linders, for making us work-out, and for putting it all together. We had a lot of fun! Next year, someone else will have to do it so that you can both participate! :)

Today was Father's Day. Jaydon made Jeremy a bracelet that said, "I Love You Dad Bee". (He is REALLY into the "Bee Movie", and everyone is a certain "bee". Brother bee, Mother bee, Aba bee...you get the point.) We figured he could hang it from his key chain - I know he won't wear it, and I don't blame him. It was so cute though, and Jeremy liked it. Then we just hung out at home all day and watched the US Open - golf. We planned on taking Jeremy to breakfast at his favorite little spot, but Jeremy just wanted to stay home. Fine by me - it was too hot to do anything anyway. My Dad lives in Florida, so I called him on the phone to talk to him for a bit. Then Jeremy's Mom called at 10:00 AM to tell us that they were meeting at Billy Miner's in Ft. Worth for lunch at 11:30. Uhh...gee, thanks for the warning! You've known about this for HOW long??? We got the message at 10:20 and there was NO way on Earth that we could get both boys ready, plus ourselves, and be there at 11:30. They are NOT the type to wait for you to eat, and we didn't want to show up late and eat alone, so we just passed. Jeremy took the boys over to his parents house a little while ago so we could give his Dad his card.

Exciting weekend!
I have one more weekend full of activities - next Saturday, I have my friend Julie's Baby Shower Brunch which I am co-hosting, and then I finally get to relax! YIPPEE!

Nothing else to share.
I'll try and write at least once this week - just like I promised last weekend.

Have a wonderful week, all!


Blogger Rae Carol said...

Y'all did a great job at the Race. At least you did not cheat on the OBSTACLE COURSE like someone else I know who came in 2nd place!! UGGG. It was a BLAST!! ( Even if I did almost pass out!) I will get the mac and cheese recipe to you. I have to go find it.

June 15, 2008 at 10:02 PM  
Blogger Andi said...

OMG, I can't believe you guys were up until 2:00 am analyzing! That's too funny! Brian and I stayed up discussing it too. Let me know if you saw areas we could improve on for next year :) We're glad you guys had fu!

June 15, 2008 at 10:44 PM  
Blogger The York Family Blog said...

Ya'll did good. I was one popping advil, but really not sore. I did keep feeling my leg keep wanting to cramp up today. Probably from falling off of that stupid bouncy horse. We didn't really analyze too much. We got second and that's the best we could do. AND WE DIDN'T CHEAT LIKE THAT OTHER BLOGGER KEEPS SAYING! ha It was fun. Now we all know what to expect for next year.

June 15, 2008 at 10:48 PM  
Blogger Andi said...

You lied Mrs. Rogers, where's our blog?!?! You're killin' me!! :)

June 23, 2008 at 10:06 PM  
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