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...okay, so maybe just "tooth"! Whatever the case - I'm a happy camper!
Jacoby has signs of his first and maybe second tooth! I'm not sure when this miracle happened, but it did. (I imagine it happened between Friday night and today because I check his mouth pretty regularly.) You cannot see it yet, but I can definitely feel it on the bottom gums along the front. There are 2 spots where you can feel tooth - no longer gums. It feels like a tiny pin trying to poke through at two different places.
I'm WAY excited because I hear that once it happens for the first time, the pain lessens for the rest of the teeth because they are "used to it". I just cannot compare to Jaydon because Jaydon never cried. All I know is that he'll get his 1st bite of steak soon!!! (Kidding!)
He is just SO fussy and in so much pain. Again - I've tried Tylenol, I broke down and gave him Motrin, cold wash rags, frozen wash rags, warm wash rags, teething tablets, teething toys, rattles, vibrating rattles, cold raw carrots...nothing is working! I just hate hearing him scream in pain! He tends to get better towards the end of the day after he's had a couple of doses of Tylenol & Motrin. I try not to give it to him daily though - like today, he's only had one dose of Tylenol and it's currently 3:40. I don't want my 5-month old becoming an acetaminophen junky!

I've been pretty busy these past few weeks; hence my lack of blogging. At night when I usually blog, I just want to sit on the couch and relax or spend time with the family. I will try to get better again though.

Nothing else to share. I will definitely blog tomorrow night because my little booger will be 5-months old, and I'll have his monthly doings to share with everyone along with some new pictures of he and Jaydon both.

Until then...tootles!


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