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Tournament Triumph

I know you like the alliteration in my title!

In a million years, I wouldn't have guessed that our little league Texas Rangers would make it past the first round of the tournament. I know that sounds like a bad thing to say but...
Just to refresh your memory, our team is the youngest in the league! This is a 5-6 year old league, and some of the children from the other teams have recently turned 7. Our children are 4-5 years old. Most of the teams have played together before.
Well, we beat the Diamondbacks in the first round. We didn't just beat them, we SMOKED them! The final score...12-2 in favor of our Rangers!!!
Jeremy and I sat there after the game overjoyed with excitement. There was nobody left at the ballpark, and we went out to the middle of the field and kissed it. I cannot even begin to explain how proud we are of the kids. They ALL did awesome!! Even the weaker hitters got some GREAT hits today. It was just run after run after run. I must say that we were lucky the other team was striking out, because our fielding leaves something to be desired. (I will be emailing parents in a bit and asking them to practice catching with the kids.) The game was at 1:30 and it was blazing hot. Jaydon was catcher and he kept saying he was hot, so we just made sure he was hydrated. Jaydon was 3 for 3 at the plate, and I'm pretty sure he had 1 or 2 RBI's. I'll just say that they were all on fire! I was SO into the game, and really screaming. I know all of the parents must have thought I was nuts, but hey, we are the coaches and it worked. :)

Jeremy and I were WAY pissed before the game because the tournament schedule is REALLY rigged. The league director's team "miraculously" got a bye the first round, and we face them the 2nd round. Our team and the team we played today are probably the 2 weakest in the league. The director's team is one of the (if not THE) strongest. You cannot tell us that was coincidental that we face each other next. The other team's coach was talking to us about it - so we aren't the only ones that noticed. It's sad that even at this age, the parents are already "rigging" things. AND - ALL of the other teams only have to play 2 games to make it to the last round. We have to play 3 to make it there! The reason it's so upsetting is because if the kids win 2 more games, they get to play the last game of the tournament at the Dr. Pepper Park which is the youth ballpark next to where the "real" Texas Rangers play in Arlington. We haven't told the kids that yet, but we are just wishing on every shooting star (and praying a bit too!) that we make it there. We don't even care to win once we get there...we just want to get there!

That is all I wanted to blog about today!

Way to go, little Rangers! We love all of you and are SO proud!
Just 2 more games until the Dr. Pepper Park...


Anonymous Cook said...

I witnessed the game, they did GRRREEEAT!! Remember Tony the Tiger?

May 18, 2008 at 8:46 PM  

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