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Disastrous Defeat

Come on now - you all love my creative titles, don't ya, don't ya!?! I should have been an English major!!!

We lost tonight. We lost badly. We lost by a lot. We lost 15-3 - or something like that. We got spanked. We looked like fools. We were beat up upon. We lost...
We aren't even upset about it. We knew it would happen this way. We got our hopes up after the awesome win (12-2) on Saturday, but quite honestly, there was a lot of luck involved with that win. The whole tournament was rigged anyway. I wanted to squeeze the league director's fat face tonight because there is a 2-base maximum at this age. Basically, a child can only get a double and only 2 bases can be advanced after a hit. Well, he started off by sending his players all the way around. I halted THAT activity VERY quickly and said, "I thought there was a 2-base maximum. We have been playing that way the entire season AND during the first round of the tournament on Saturday. We WILL resolve this now because we will NOT play if the rules have changed." I was livid!!! His assistant coach even agreed and said that he told all of the coaches there was a 2-base max. I won that battle very easily. Then when I was coaching at 3rd, he came over and apologized and said that he didn't realize he'd said that at our coaches meeting on Friday night. I was NOT nice to him. I told him that it wasn't fair that he got a bye the first round and his team, of all teams, should have played EVERY round in the tournament and how his team got matched with ours - one of the weakest wasn't right. Then I said that it was "funny" that his team and ALL of the others only had to play 2 games to make it to the Dr. Pepper Park and ONLY our team had to play 3 to make it there. Do you know what he said? NOTHING! The man was speechless. He started coaching his kids and left my side. He is missing half his teeth, talks out the side of his mouth, is 100 lbs. overweight, and has bad breath anyway - so maybe it was a good thing that I didn't have to smell his answer.
Phew - it feels good to get that all out! Thanks for reading!
Jeremy and I are in a way, glad that it's over because these weekday games kick both of our rears! The next time we coach, we will make SURE that the games are ONLY on Saturday morning. This is the first time that they've been during the week and/or on Saturday too, and it has been bad.
Oh - and to top it ALL off, Jaydon was the last batter up during the last inning. (He's number 3 in the rotation because he has been the most consistent all year long.) Anyway, he struck out FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS SEASON! How do you explain that? He was BAWLING, tired, and heartbroken. Poor kid - I was heartbroken too. It was par for the course. AWFUL GAME, AWFUL END.
We did get a GREAT gift from the Greenwood's and Linder's. They got us a $50 gift card to Hoffbrau (steak house - one of Jeremy's favorites) which we will be using on Sunday prior to our going to The Colonial. (Oldest golf tournament in the PGA-held in Ft. Worth every year.) Thanks again for the great gift y'all!
So baseball is officially over...

I worked at Andi's for 4 hours again this morning, went to pick Mark up, took Jacoby to Aba's, came home and got ready for baseball, went to the game, went back to Aba's to pick Coby up, bathed Jaydon, and both boys are asleep as of 9:00. Perfect evening!
Oh - and Ally (Andi's sister) showed us how to make a cool movie/video clip for our blog this morning. My perfectionist side is saying that I need to work on it a few nights before posting...so it will get posted this weekend.

Nothing else to share, nothing else to write, feels good to have vented...



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