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25-Week Exam

I went in today for a check-up & sono at the doctor's office, and everything was good! The baby weighed in at 2lbs. even. (She was 1lb. 15½oz. to be exact.) She's a growin'! I think this might be my heaviest child yet. Heavy=7lbs. in our family since both of our children have been 6½ pounders.
Mommy weighed in at...HA! Like I would really tell you that-come on now!!! I have weighed the same amount for the last 4 visits. I know they think that I don't eat when they see that. There are 4 doctors in the office, and I saw a new one today. She's completely new to the practice, so she was asking me about my eating habits. I nicely told her to go through my chart, and she would see that I never gain weight, but everything always ended up fine. She said to continue whatever I'm doing because my iron is great, (Doesn't that mean that I'm eating?) the baby is growing fine, and my stomach is measuring perfectly. NICE! Time to over indulge at the State Fair on Saturday...with only 3 lbs. total weight gain so far, I DESERVE it!!!

I took Jaydon to the mall to buy a new shirt for his school pictures. We went on Monday; his pictures were on Tuesday. I bought him a white button down from GAP. We went to the restroom and after I sat down, he says: "Mommy, I think if you pee-pee more, my baby sister will come out." Thank God there was nobody else in the bathroom - although anyone with a sense of humor would have laughed. How on Earth does that child know that babies come from DOWN THERE? The baby is in my stomach, and he gets that, but the rest?!?!?!? It was just comical, and also a comment that I completely ignored. Some people are comfortable speaking to their 5 year olds about that. I just don't think Jaydon fully comprehends, and the last thing I need is for him to go to school and repeat anything. Had he asked me a question, I might have answered, but since it was just a comment, I felt like I didn't have to elaborate on it. We can have that discussion when he's older. :)

So on Tuesday, we get to school. The DORK that I am...I carry his back pack for him because I don't want him to wrinkle his shirt that was JUST ironed. Somebody already told me that I was a "freak" for that. Yes, OCD/Anal/Paranoid - whatever you want to call it. I'm about to spend good money on pictures. My son will look perfect, darn it!
Anyway, I handed him his back pack when we got to his room, and he gave me a kiss. I turned to walk away when I hear, "Wooooooooooo-hoo! Man oh man Jaydon, don't you look nice today." So of course, I have to turn around and look in the room. Jaydon is just standing there smiling, and more children are coming up to him all smiling, admiring his clothes, and trying to touch his hair. NO-NOT THE GEL/HAIR SPRAYED HEAD I JUST SPENT 10 MINUTES ON!!!!!
I, of course, am beaming. Then that same little boy says, "My momma don't even dress me like that for Sunday school." At that point, I had to leave so I wouldn't crack up. Kids are great!!!

Those are my funnies for the night!



Blogger Andi said...

LMAO, J3 is hilarious! He definitely speaks his mind! He's smart, he's putting it ALL together for himself, you probably won't even have to have the "talk" with him!

October 16, 2008 at 8:04 AM  
Blogger The York Family Blog said...

Love the funny stories. J3 is a smartie! And the girls...better watch out for those girls!

October 21, 2008 at 11:10 PM  

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