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2 Days Too Late...

Jaydon lost his "snaggle" tooth this morning. I'm an idiot and I thought that he lost it last night, but Jeremy just reminded me that it fell out this morning while they were in the shower. Anyway, the tooth fairy will be bringing something for him soon. We explained that the tooth fairy doesn't always show up that same day. (Nice way to get some extra time to figure out what to get him.) Yes, most people leave a dollar or something, but I'm exaggerated on all that I do, so he will more than likely get a train which is all that he has asked for.
Now he can really sing, "All I Want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth". So cliche, I know - I'm a dork! :)

We had an ARD meeting today to discuss Jaydon's evaluation for Autism. He has been screened by various people off and on for the past month or so. Thank the Lord that all seems well!! It was such a nice feeling to hear that he is "okay". He is behind on his vocabulary and social skills, but nothing too bad, and nothing we weren't aware of. He actually tested average or above average for all of the other tests that they gave as far as intelligence/education.
Then on the Autistic assessments, he was normal or mild. After all of the numbers were calculated, he was right below the cut-off for the Autistic Spectrum. They are going to reevaluate him in 2010 - after first grade - and see where he is at then. They don't want to "label" him without needing to. So for right now, Jaydon is just considered as having a "language delay" and nothing else. That was a major blessing to hear! We are even going to nominate him for the EXCEL program which is the gifted & talented program at the school. The 6 people in the room all thought that he would qualify, so that made me feel good. They upped his Speech services to twice per week - 40 minutes each session - so that was good, too. We just pray that he continues to do well and improve like he has these past couple of years.

I volunteered today at the school and that was...hmmm, I guess the word is "interesting". There was a shopping village where the kids came in with a certain amount of money (whatever their parents allotted) and they got to buy things for family members and/or friends. Some kids came in with $40 or even $60, while others came in with $1 or $2. A few kids had so many people on their lists it was unreal! I ended up spending close to $10 out of my own pocket for the kids who didn't have enough. THIS is why I can't volunteer for stuff! How do you tell a 7 year old that they can't buy the $3.50 picture frame for their grandma because their mom only sent $3? So inevitably, I would fund them whatever they were missing. Good karma - I'll be repaid for my kind deeds one day.

That's it from here.
Good night!


Blogger Andi said...

Such the good (but soon to be poor) volunteer! LOL! J3 and his teeth, he looks sooo cute! No loose ones for Ash yet!

December 10, 2008 at 7:57 AM  

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