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Jacoby at 11-Months

In just one more month, Jacoby Cade will be a year old!
We here at the Rogers household are in awe at the changes that Jacoby makes daily. This past month has been a lot of fun. It seems like we have started to transition from "baby" to "toddler". I'm not sure what the age for toddler is, but I'll bet we are almost there.

11-Month Stats:
Weight - 22.4 lbs.
Length - 29½ in.

Not too shabby for a little guy who came into this world at only 6lbs. 6oz. Considering he tripled his birth weight at 9 months, I think we are good to go as far as the weight is concerned.
Thank goodness that we have a growing, healthy little boy on our hands! :)

This month, Jacoby has started becoming a little too observant of his surroundings...
If we leave a room, HE has to be the one to turn the lights off. If we pass the doorway, he will grab hold of the side of the door and hold on. He'll make us go back so he can turn the lights off himself. If we don't turn around, he throws a tantrum so we always give in.
...and speaking of doors, he is completely intrigued by them! He loves to open them and play peek-a-boo. He will shut the door, and we'll put different things in front of it every time he opens it. He gets a kick out of that. (He doesn't shut the door completely since he obviously can't reach door knobs.)

He is moving around everywhere!
He stands and goes from the couch to the coffee table, or from the window sill to the table in the kitchen. This is only about two steps each way without holding on to anything, but it's definitely a start. I am trying not to compare him to Jaydon who was already running at this age, but it's so hard with them both being boys. He is actually kind of lazy with his walking, and if we try to "make" him walk, he just plops and resorts to crawling. Oh well, he'll walk soon enough.
We bought child proof locks for all of the cabinets in the kitchen because my back couldn't take lifting him to get him out of the kitchen cabinets any longer.

He now has 6 teeth, (3 top-3 bottom) and it seems like his molars are coming in. He sticks his fingers in the back of his mouth constantly as comfort. He also has 2 more about to break through in the front - one on top, one on bottom. I can't wait until all of his teeth are in! The Tylenol around here disappears very quickly.

We feel like he has associated "da-da" with Jeremy, and "ma-ma" with me. When Jeremy gets home from work, Jaydon will go to the garage to meet him, and Jacoby follows. As soon as Jacoby sees him, he says, "da-da, da-da" and gets VERY happy, insisting that Jeremy lift him up.

He has also started to wave hi and bye. It's not always "on cue", but we think he understands the meaning of both.

We think that Jacoby is going to be a lefty!!!
Jeremy and I are both left-handed, my dad & sister are both left-handed, and Jeremy's dad is left-handed. When Jaydon turned out to be right-handed, we were very surprised. Jacoby grabs his spoon with his left hand, he waves with his left hand, he always rolls toys to us with his left hand first, and it just seems like that is his dominant side. I guess only time will tell, but look out Major League Baseball because you'll have a fine pitcher on your hands! :)

Enjoy the pictures below of our ever changing boy, and we hope the video brings a smile to your day.

We'll update you again on January 2nd, 2009!

Love from our family, (J5) to yours...

Turn up your volume...


Blogger Andi said...

I'm so glad you posted a video, he is just too precious for words! Such a growing boy and well on his way to being a toddler!

December 3, 2008 at 7:56 AM  

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