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Weekend Chaos

It seems like I haven't been able to sit down and relax for weeks now. It's just one thing after another.
...and to think we are about to add another child to this craziness!?!?

This weekend, we went to Jeremy's company Christmas party. In preparation for this, I had to get my hair done, ($$$) nails and toes done, ($$$) and then find a dress to wear. ($$$) Finding a dress when you are pregnant is no easy feat! I guess it doesn't help that I'm SO incredibly particular. I also didn't want to spend more than $60 on a dress - that was my limit - that I would only be able to wear one time since I'm pregnant and all. I must have looked at 5 different stores for the dress, and I finally found one at Motherhood Maternity for $39.99. What a steal! I buy most of my maternity clothes there anyway, so why I didn't go there first? Who knows.
Anyway, the Christmas party was not as fun as I thought it would be. Usually they are a blast, but this year was quite boring. The food was good, and we were in good company, but the games and awards were not fun. They gave away a good $30K in prize money - from my calculations. It might have been a little more or less. Good times for those who won the money! Since Jeremy is in management, he doesn't qualify for the awards, so that kinda bites. (Ok - it sucks massive donkey balls!!)

Today, we went and got our family pictures done at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens. That was a cute spot! Thanks to Mrs. Linder for taking those for us. What a nice friend that she is!!
It stinks that we don't get a nice autumn here like in the northeastern part of the country. If the leaves actually turned a color other than brown here, that would DEFINITELY have made everything much prettier.
My children were EXTREMELY ornery (Sp?) today, and neither one was cooperating. Then my hair kept getting wind blown so I kept having to get it out of my face. If I didn't ruin the picture with my constant hair movement, then one of the kids did by not looking at the camera. Jacoby would not smile for anything, and he didn't want to stand outside. Maybe it was that he isn't used to shoes? Then my handsome Jaydon smiled too big, and that crooked tooth was so horrible looking. ...and you HAVE to catch Jaydon at the right time or he will make silly faces or close his eyes on every picture. He is very photogenic/GQ, but only at the right times. It just wasn't pretty. Had we been there to get action shots, it might have been better. I needed posed shots for Christmas cards though! I know Andrea was thinking that we were the most difficult family that she's ever taken pictures of, but things just weren't going right. I pray we got a few good shots in though. I can't wait to see them.
Oh - and I had to stop at Target because I didn't put mascara on. How in the world did I forget mascara? My eyelashes are dark enough to where it's not that bad, but mascara sure does help! So thank goodness for the Target pit stop to buy the mascara, or I would have been that much more frustrated.

This upcoming week isn't going to be so pretty, either...
Monday, Wednesday, Friday - work from 8:15-2:00.
Tuesday - volunteer at Jaydon's school from 8-12. Then an ARD meeting at 2:30.
Thursday - volunteer at Jaydon's school from 8-3.
Then I still pick Mark up at 3:15 and take him home daily.
I know I don't "have" to volunteer, but I don't feel right if I don't help. Other than the field trip I went to with the Kindergartners, I haven't volunteered at the school this year, so this will make me feel better.

I must go...laundry calls, and I need to make sure that the boys' bags are ready for tomorrow.



Blogger Andi said...

You're so funny! You guys were a pleasure to photograph! ALL kids are like that, not just yours, silly girl, and they weren't bad anyway. And yes, I feel there are definitely a few keepers in there. I know you are way picky, but I hope you like them too! Brian will bring your CD to work tomorrow! Let me know what you think!

December 7, 2008 at 10:43 PM  
Blogger The York Family Blog said...

busy times! I saw your pics, and there are some good ones to use in the bunch. Take it easy girl...you don't want that baby to pop out!

December 9, 2008 at 3:32 PM  

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