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Garage Sale & Mayfest

This weekend, we had a garage sale.  We have to hold these garage sales at Jeremy's parent's house.  We don't have enough people in our area who frequent garage sales.  His parents live in an older neighborhood, their house is on a corner, and there is an apartment complex just down the street, so it's the perfect location.
We were there on Friday and Saturday, and we made a nice chunk of change.  The weather was perfect - not too hot, and not too cold. 

Jeremy mowed his parent's lawn on Saturday, (they have a HUGE lot!) and he had a little shadow there with him who insisted on "helping".  It was the cutest thing ever!

Then on Sunday, we went to Mayfest.  We along with every other person within a 6,000 mile radius of downtown Ft. Worth.  My oh my - can we say "CROWDED"? 

We got there early and bought our tickets online, so we didn't have to wait in the ticket line.  Good thinking on our part!

The kids enjoyed the free Tom Thumb Children's Area.  They built a wood picture frame with their daddy.  Jaydon made a plate with glue & sand.  He also made his sister a little bracelet.  Sweet boy.

They (Jaydon & Jacoby) also jumped in a couple of jump houses. 
Jeremy and I chowed down on a BBQ sandwich, a corn dog, a funnel cake, and a fruit smoothie.  The smoothie was SO good!  We came in WAY under budget which was really exciting considering that one smoothie was $6, and one Coke was $2.50. 
It helped that Jacoby and Jilian's entrance fee was free.  Also, Jilian just isn't big enough yet to get into a lot of the bounce houses, rides, etc., so that helped.  (Even though she threw a fit every time her brothers got in. She would have gotten in with them if I didn't think some bigger kid was going to smush her!) 
Next year is going to be REALLY pricey with all three of them wanting to do things. 

Enjoy the pictures!
(Like always, we didn't take our camera, so these are from our phones.)


Jacoby about to climb up...

Jilian sporting the bracelet that her brother made for her
as she waits for them to get out of the jump house...

The boys working on their picture frame...

More picture frame work...

Who says girls can't build things? 
Check out my hammer!


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