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Spoiled...but NOT me this time!

Well, Kristy Lee Cook is gone from Idol, and I'm happy about that! COME ON DAVID COOK - sing your heart out and win this thing!

I got to Jaydon's school today and he was wearing a different outfit than what I had sent him to school in. I thought, "Surely he didn't have an accident!" Jaydon has NEVER (knocking on wood now) had an accident - ever. When Mrs. McKeown opened the door, she explained that Jaydon had spilled water on his shirt and pants at snack time, so she changed him because it was cold. Even SHE spoils my son!! So I look in his back pack and pull out the "wet clothes" and they are BARELY damp. I can just see the look on his pouty little face as he's telling his teacher, "My clothes are SOOO wet - please change me." Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!
...BUT, it makes me feel good about his teacher and the fact that she cares. She has been a God send this year, and I know that I'm not the only parent who feels that way. She is nurturing but firm - which is EXACTLY what you need in a pre-K teacher. She even came to Jaydon's game last night! There are 5 kiddos from her class - including Jaydon - that play together. It was VERY sweet of her, and the kiddos enjoyed seeing her there.

I got to talk to my friend Julie on the phone today. The countdown above for Baby Garvey is for her - she's due on September 7th, and she's having a little girl. She also has a 10-year old son and a 6-year old daughter, and they are both happy to be getting a new sister - especially the 6-year old.
Anyway, Julie and I are email buddies and we rarely talk on the phone or see each other...although I talk to her through email more than anyone I know. This time I talked to her from my HOME PHONE Jeremy, instead of wasting 100 minutes on my cell phone. Yes, when we do get to talk, our conversations are RARELY under an hour. Jeremy can't get over the fact that we have things to talk about on the phone after we've spent half of our day emailing each other. IT'S A GIRL THING! :)

The week is almost over...talk to y'all tomorrow!


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