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Tee-Ball Thursday...with no tee!

I was WAY too busy last night to blog...sorry to all 3 of you who read this!
Andrea and I went to the hospital last night to see Nicki. We were there from about 8-10:30. The visiting hours were over at 9:00, but Cathy didn't mind us there, and the nurses didn't say anything either. The 3 of us (Andi, Cathy and I) can have fun anywhere - it's cool and we enjoy the laughs. Nicki looked so much better! She was happy to see us, and she loved everything that we brought for her. Andrea got her some really cute balloons and then some of the kids from her class sent stuff too. We had games, toys, and tons of snacks for her, and she was excited. I fed her Mac & Cheese and Andrea fed her some fruit snacks which she ate right up. They took the tube out today - SUCCESS! Her lung is fully drained. She got to walk for the first time in 5 days, and she went to the play room with her brother too. According to Mom, she's back to "normal/sassy Nicki", (TYPICAL 5-year old girl!) which is good news to me!

Today was Jaydon's last day of school until Tuesday. It's their "Spring Break". They had a week off for Easter Break in March, and now this is considered Spring Break.

We had a baseball game tonight and the kids did SO well. They all did coach pitch and Jaydon was really good. He never struck out - GO JAYDON! He got 2 singles, an RBI, and he scored once!!! I have to say that ALL of the kids hit better coach pitch vs. off the tee. We were very proud of all of them!! Jaydon is so funny...He'll be out on the field and look around and if he sees someone not paying attention, he'll say, "Get ready!" I know he's just copying what we say, but he says it with such "power" like, "Hey, I'm in charge too-listen to me!" It's cute.

Here is a video of Jacoby that I finally got uploaded. ARGH - technology!! I did this on Tuesday when I took pictures of him in his room. He loves the attention and I love seeing him happy and hearing him babble. Enjoy!

We have a VERY long day tomorrow. I'll be sure to tell you all about it tomorrow night...


Blogger Andi said...

GREAT video! The boys are too precious for words when they are together and showing some love. Keep the video coming! -Andi

April 25, 2008 at 10:09 AM  

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