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Sit back, relax - make a tub of buttered popcorn, grab some of that yummy chocolate, and enjoy the longest blog entry ever...

Saturday was a busy day at the Rogers household! (One day, I hope to say that I did NOT have a busy day.)
We got up at the butt crack of dawn and started our day with a sausage, egg, & cheese taquito - courtesy of Chef Jeremay.
Then it was off to the 12:00 (OMG, did the game HAVE to be at noon, RIGHT in the middle of the day???) baseball game. We played the Little League Superstars. Man was that team good!!! Okay, so they weren't really the "Little League Supserstars", but they were really good. One of the dad's from our team asked one of the kids how old they were and he says, "I'm 5." The dad says, "You are not 5. How old are you really?" The kid says, "I'm 6. I'll be 7 next month." BINGO! No wonder your kids are so good!! Sheesh - you've even got them lying about their age already! Not only have 5 of you played together before, you are almost 7 years old! Our poor kids are just 4, and barely turning 5. That's a HUGE difference!!! Needless to say, even though we don't keep score, we got smashed. It was 1-2-3 out every single inning. Our poor kids didn't even stand a chance. They did their best considering the circumstances though. Jaydon is becoming quite the hitter, and he was hustling to get the ball like crazy yesterday. Way to go, sweet boy! :)

After the game, we took the boys to Aba's (that's short for "ABuelA" which means Grandma in Spanish) house - it was 1:30 at this time. I bathed Jaydon, and Aba started making lunch for him. She whipped up some rice and steak - one of his favorites. Spoiled, spoiled boy! I packed enough food for 2 days for him but of course, he didn't want any of it and only wanted what Aba was making. Jacoby seemed to be adapting okay - yes, just okay. When I called to check on him later, my mom said that he was fussy and didn't want to eat. He wasn't crying, so that was good. I felt bad leaving him, but Jeremy and I DO need our time away, and alone. At the end, Jacoby slept through the night and she actually woke him up at 7:00 because he had been asleep for 8 hours and she wanted him to eat since he hadn't eaten well the day prior. She thought that if he was asleep that he wouldn't realize who was feeding him and that he would eat better - no such luck, he's used to mommy & daddy. My silly mother - let the boy sleep - he'll wake up when he's hungry! Oh well, it was fine and we are thankful to have such a good grandma who is always willing to take the boys - no matter what. Thanks Mommy! :)
Zane went over to her house yesterday too since Kristy was here. Jaydon and Zane always have fun together and last night was no different.

Jeremy and I came home after dropping the boys off and I cleaned cleaned cleaned, and he cooked cooked cooked. Yes, Jeremy was TOTAL chef yesterday and made all of our contributions for the potluck. We got ready and finished everything right at 6:30. We ended up having 17 people here - nice turnout. 4 people backed out at the last minute, but it was okay because they called in advance, and it's always expected for someone to flake for one reason or another.
Here is what we ate...
Chex mix, nuts, Deviled eggs, spinach dip, shrimp & cream cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon
Entree & Sides:
Pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, potato casserole, sweet & sour meatballs
Hummingbird cake, "Sandra's" cake, and fruit salad
Beer, Soda, Water, Wine and "fu-fu" Wine Coolers

Everything was VERY good - seriously. You know how sometimes there are things that you don't dare try? Well, that was NOT the case last night. I was very impressed with all of the food. At the end, we voted on "Best Dish" and it was a 2-way tie. Amanda's Sweet & Sour Meatballs, and Andrea's (Andi's) Potato Casserole both tied for first place. Jeremy voted for the former, and I voted for the latter. (We did not enter our own food into the contest.) In any case, there was NO question that those were the best 2 dishes because they got ALL of the votes! I felt like a complete fool because I only got one prize! I NEVER do that. I ALWAYS buy 2 prizes, just in case - ask anyone! The last 3 parties/showers I have hosted, I ALWAYS have a back-up and there has never been a tie. What is it - Murphy's Law? The ONLY time I don't have a back-up prize, there is a tie. So I gave the gift to Amanda and told Andrea I'd get her something later. Andrea said that I had already spent enough and she didn't need anything. (That went in one ear and out the other, as you'll find out later...)
People started leaving, and the last of the guests left around midnight. It's funny how in our younger years, we'd have "all-nighters" until 3 or 4 AM. We felt so old when everyone was gone by midnight. I guess that's what happens as you age. :(
We did have fun, laughed a lot, and we only hope that everyone else enjoyed themselves too. I know that everyone left with full bellies so that counts for something, right? Jeremy and I have been eating leftovers all day long too! We won't be eating pulled pork for a while after today!!!
I did find out that I have quite a few faithful blog readers, and that totally made my night. I think I have 5 readers instead of the 3 I originally thought I had. GO ME, and thank-you to my devoted fans! :)

This morning, (Sunday) we got up and picked the boys up from Aba's house. We discovered that it was WAY chilly outside for late April. It was 55ยบ, so I grabbed a jacket for Jaydon, and a thick blanket for Jacoby. We came home and started picking up the house - again! Jaydon and Jeremy practiced baseball outside, and I hung out inside with Coby.
Sometime around noon, my guilt overtook me and I headed out to find Andrea a prize for tying for 1st place in the food contest last night. Her birthday is on Thursday, so it worked out well - a 2-in-1 gift. I delivered it to her front door and then called her when I left and told her to come outside to get it. She called back and was VERY thankful, so I really think she liked it. It was a manicure/pedicure gift certificate, a candle, some bubble bath, and some chocolate. Enjoy Andi - you are VERY deserving of it. :)

So here we are, Sunday night, and I'm blogging away. Desperate Housewives comes on tonight and that's what we'll be watching. Jaydon doesn't have school tomorrow, so there won't be a "bedtime" to worry about.

Oh oh oh - and the only bad thing about the potluck was that we DIDN'T TAKE ANY PICTURES! DUH - how could we forget? Jeremy even made sure the batteries were charged in the camera. My sister is the camera FREAK, I LOVE pictures, and we didn't take any. TOTAL bummer! :(

That's it from here...
Thanks for reading - have a great week all!


Blogger Andi said...

You and Jeremy are incredible hosts, and Brian and I had a great time. It was nice to get out for once! I really am very thankful for my lovely and thoughtful gift! You know I won't put on my flip flops without my pedi, so thank you sooo much!! You're such a goober though that you felt it necessary! Thanks again friend!

April 27, 2008 at 10:51 PM  

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