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Flowers, Food, & Fungus?

Jeremy took the day off today because he is a kind soul, and he knew that I would need help around the house. Today was supposed to be his review at 3:00, and when he quickly agreed to take the day off yesterday, I knew he was postponing the inevitable with regards to his review. (Ya - no raise in 2 years. NOT because of his performance though. I knew he didn't want to hear the bad news again this year, so it was rescheduled for Monday. Why ruin the poor man's weekend??) He knows how wacky I get before hosting something and my needing to make sure that everything is perfect, and he decided that he should help me - bless his heart. Tomorrow is our "Potluck at the Rogers", and we are excited to see our closest friends and family and "get our grub on"!

This morning/afternoon, we spent 4+ hours outside doing yard work. I know we are both going to wake up sore, but that's okay...it needed to be done. We bought pretty flowers (elephant ears) for the 2 pots out front. Jeremy trimmed the side and back bushes/landscaping while I did the front ones. I did them manually, and he used the electric thingy. Please let us know tomorrow who did the better job because I'll put money on the fact that I did, even though he had the advantage with the electric one.
He mowed, edged, and swept, and then we both picked up the limbs and trash.

We have had this green looking moldy fungus on the brick by our front entrance for over a year. We finally decided to try and do something about it. Jeremy's dad (Doyle) recommended putting bleach in a spray bottle, spraying the brick, letting it sit for a few minutes and then getting a powerful hose and washing it down. It was that, or going to Home Depot to rent a power washer. Well, we didn't have to because WOW - did that bleach ever work!! I spent about 30 minutes cleaning all of the brick around the front of the house. Pretty impressive what bleach can do! Now I know why I use the stuff to clean our bathrooms! Then we spent the next hour admiring our work - the DORKS that we are!

So after that, I went to pick Mark up. Then I came home, fed Coby, changed Jaydon out of his pajamas, (yes, this was at 5:00 that the poor boy got changed) and off we went to Wal-Mart to buy some yummy stuff for our get together. We are making pulled pork sandwiches and shrimp/cream cheese stuffed jalapenos as an appetizer. I'll save the details of the other food that is being brought for another blog. I want to play food critic after I've tried it all. :)
We also bought all of the plates, forks, napkins, etc. etc. I usually like to get "cute" stuff like at Party City but this time, I didn't. SHOCKER, huh? I just bought what Wal-Mart had and figured that nobody would notice and it all ends up in the trash anyway, right?

I made the roster for the game tomorrow, and got all of the buckets in order. I loaded up Jeremy's car with the equipment too.
We bathed the boys, read them bedtime stories, said our prayers, and now they are both in dreamland.
So now it's 10:55 and I have to finish folding laundry. I have 4 more loads to do too - it NEVER ends does it?

Happy sleeping - I'll let you know on Sunday about the rest of my wonderful weekend...


Blogger Andi said...

We can't wait for the Potluck!! I'm sure yourhouse looks beautiful as ever. We're bringing a bottle of wine that one of Brian's customers gave him. She gives him a bottle every time he comes out. Too funny! We never drink it but we always end up taking it to a party where it gets drank. See ya tomorrow!

April 25, 2008 at 11:34 PM  

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