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Diaper Dilemma

So here it is - my diaper dilemma... As I mentioned a while back, (or maybe I didn't mention this in my blog and it was in an email) Jaydon's school gave us and another family who had a newborn at the same time a TON of free diapers and wipes. We were given Huggies & Pampers both...about 200+ size 2 diapers. I have always been a Pampers fan. Jaydon used Pampers Swaddlers-size newborn, size 1 and size 2. Then he moved to Huggies Supreme at size 3 because the Pampers Swaddlers didn't come in anything bigger than a size 2. We followed the same path for Jacoby starting with the Pampers Swaddlers. Well, with the free diapers, we got a package of 96-Huggies Stay Dry. THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY, but they are the worst diapers ever!! They are size 2 and they are too tight on Jacoby. They leave little marks on his tummy and legs no matter how "loose" I put them. They feel like paper, and worst of all, he smells like urine in the mornings. They don't leak, but I swear that with the Pampers, he NEVER EVER smelled that way. I feel really bad, but Jeremy and I decided yesterday that we aren't going to use them anymore. (When Jeremy notices things like that, I KNOW that there is an issue and it's not just me being "Jessica".) So if you want a few size 2 Huggies Stay Dry, (like anybody will admit to wanting them after all I just said) just let me know! I know that sounds awful, and you'd think that a diaper is just a diaper, and Jessica, just use them they were free, but I cannot get over the smell!! We were also given some Pampers Stay Dry along with the Swaddlers, and I really liked those too. So my voting poll closed yesterday. Pampers got 60% (3 votes) and Huggies got 40% (2 votes) of the votes. I was just curious as to how others saw diapers, but it was too close to call. I'm honestly quite excited that I have 5 people reading my blog though - WOO HOO! :) Today was just another terrible Tuesday. I know I sound like the biggest pessimist on Tuesdays, but I run around like a chicken with its head cut off to & from school, swimming, my "part-time job" and errands. The kids had baseball practice tonight from 6:30-7:30 and I didn't go. I stayed home with Jacoby because the poor child got woken up from 3 different naps today to go take Jaydon to school first, then to pick Jaydon up from school and go swimming, then to go pick Mark up. I wasn't going to wake him up again at 6:00 for practice - I just couldn't do it to the poor little guy. Aside from eating right, sleeping is the next most important thing for a baby and I just feel awful everytime I have to wake him up. Jaydon did AWESOME at swimming today and I FORGOT MY VIDEO CAMERA!!! He swam by himself for a few feet and came up. It was AWESOME, and I was SO proud of him!!! This afternoon, in the 1 hour I get "off" between activities on my terrible Tuesday, I took some cute pictures of Jacoby. He's such a ham!

The week is halfway over tomorrow - SWEET!!!

Good night, sleep tight...don't let the bed bugs bite. If they bite, bite 'em back, and make 'em have a heart attack! :)
(Jaydon won't go to sleep unless that's the last thing I tell him every night.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jessica mi vida,It sounds like you have officially changed brands to "Pampers"....Well at least you tried and it was NOT for Jacoby...Sounds as if you have your hands full, I must honestly say I"m proud of you & Jeremy and the manner in which you are raising my grandsons, BRAVO to the both of you. How funny or ironic, do you remember when you guys were small when I used to go into your bedroom and kiss you and ask you's if you've prayed? Then next thing was what you tell Jaydon Don't let the bed bugs bite, if they bite etc...I think that's pretty wild....Guess I'm being nostalgic.  Muchos besos, Papi/Abuelo xoxoxoxox

April 23, 2008 at 5:01 PM  

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