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Pre-K Madness!

Can you believe that I went 3 whole nights without blogging? That's a record for me guys! I know all of my readers are so bummed, and they are waiting for another blogging episode of, "Days of our Rogers" so here it is...

Every day this week has been a "Jaydon" day!
Tuesday was his last day of school - meaning actual classroom. Then on Wednesday, they had their end-of-year party at Chuck E' Cheese's. It is NOT my favorite place in the world, but it was on a Wednesday from 10A-noon so there wasn't anybody there - thank God! He had fun and threw a fit before leaving because we had to leave before everyone else since he had speech at 12:15. He got over it very quickly though after I squeezed/pinched his back. I thought he would say something like "Don't do that Mom!" but he didn't...phew! I know - evil mother, but it's better than the ear twisting I used to get in public. ADMIT IT - it works and sometimes ya just gotta do what works!!!
Then off to speech and to Target. On Wednesday, if he does well at speech, he gets a toy. He KNOWS that it can only be a $5 or $6 toy and he reads the prices. Well, he thought he could get away with a $19.99 Thomas & Friends wooden collectible. (Yes, they are now freakin $19.99 each - ridiculous!) He must have about 50 of them already - seriously. Not only did he want Donald, he also wanted Douglas because "they go together Mommy." Well, he did NOT win - I was NOT going to spend $40 and then have him thinking that it was okay every week. He was not happy about this and started crying. I told him to sit there in the middle of the aisle until he "got over it." As I start to walk off he says, "Mommy, you forgot me" and runs after me. He got over the whole toy thing very quickly. So we got some balloons that we needed (explanation later) and I told him he could have a Dr. Pepper and he was totally fine with that. (Dr. Pepper=$1.29...SUCCESS!) I just HATE bribing him with food/soda because I know I will turn him into a fatty if I do! Then off to get Mark and back home to fill water balloons...

On Thursday was Pre-K field day and one of the events was a water balloon toss and a water balloon fight at the end. It was like 60º that morning and that GOD it warmed up by the time they got to the balloons. (Aba watched Jacoby - it was just too cold out there, and I wouldn't have been able to help with Jaydon's class.) They asked parents to fill 50 water balloons for the kids. It was really easy and I made them small because they were for Pre-K hands. The field day was REALLY fun. I volunteered to lead a team of 6 kids - Ashleigh, Jaydon, Adam, Jordyn, Jaeden (girl), and Alaina. (Do ya notice that all of my kids names started with "J" or "A"? SO weird how I always get those name coinky-dinks!) Anyway, we named our team the "Green Stars" because they were all wearing lime green shirts. They did a 2-headed race, tug of war, bounce house, parachute, obstacle course, changing clothes relay, and then the water balloon stuff at the end. I know they had a blast! So now after two days of non-stop action, Jaydon took a 3-hour nap!
During this nap, I got started on making CD's for the baseball team. Andi & Brian have taken pictures at EVERY game this season. (Thanks guys!) I looked through 2,000 (yes, 2000!) pictures. I set a folder up for each child and put about 40-50 pictures in each folder. Then I burned the CD's to give the parents. The pictures are AWESOME though and it was worth all 10 hours it took me to do.
Oh, and Jacoby got his 2nd set of shots for his 4-month visit on Thursday. We split his shots up because he was due to have 6 shots (they mix them and it's only 2 "pokes") PLUS an oral. That, in my opinion, is just WAY too much medicine at once for such a small body, so I split them up into 3 different visits. (Obviously it doesn't harm them or they wouldn't do it but I'm paranoid like that and Jeremy is even MORE so!) Yes, this way he is getting poked 3 times instead of 2, but it's worth it to us. They don't charge anymore to do it separately, and I have to head that way to get Mark anyway, so once a week for 3 weeks is nothing.

Then today - Friday - was the graduation/Awards Day/"official" last day of school. They did "candy" awards. One for example was for a little girl named Taylor. Taylor is SO petite and really sweet. When I mentioned that to the teacher one day a while back, she says, "Oh, that little girl is sweet alright, but she's got little horns on her too!" Well Taylor's award was the "Sweet Tart Award" because she's sweet, but she can also be a tart. The awards were SUPER cute. Jaydon was the only one who got a "learning" award. Everyone else's were for things like being sweet, listening, squirming too much, (cough cough - the little girl who got that one shall remain anonymous - TOO funny!) being a good friend, etc. Jaydon's was the "Zero Award" - not because he's a zero, but because of his outstanding math skills and love for numbers. GO JAYDON GO! After that, we went back to their classroom to clean out their cubbies and desks and for cake. The teacher put together a HUGE binder with stuff from the year (it's SUPER cute) and each parent also got a CD with pictures on it. VERY cool! I talked to his teacher just for reassurance that he was ready for kindergarten and she assured me he was "beyond ready". We are still SO worried about Jaydon's social skills. She said that he is spelling words and reading a lot and he always wants to learn. She told me before that Jaydon is a very smart boy - which I already knew - but I just needed to make sure he was okay. I am not worried about the classroom skills - just the social part. She told me that Jaydon will be just fine and that he needs a challenge. We both cried - she is a sweet lady. :)
So we'll continue with speech therapy over the summer and then go from there. She said that he will be just fine and Jeremy & I agree.

I cannot imagine not being able to attend these activities with my son! If I still worked where I used to, there is NO way I would have been able to take 3-½ days in a row. Okay, so I could have, but my work would have suffered and I would have felt bad doing it. What's surprising is that every child had a parent (or 2) there EVERY day. Jeremy was there with me this morning too. I guess you just make it work.

I finished making the CD's throughout that day Friday, and then Jaydon had his 5-year check-up (okay, it was his 5½ year check-up) at 2:30. Since there aren't any shots, I haven't been real pushy about getting him in to see the doctor. He weighs 52lbs (90th percentile) and is 45 inches (70 percentile). For me being 5'3'' and Jeremy being 5'8'', Jaydon is really big. His eyes were perfect - in fact, the nurse was impressed because he would say the letters on the chart and then he wanted to spell things that started with that letter - typical Jaydon! his ears were fine, reflexes were fine. I told the doctor that I was worried about his not eating fruit or veggies. Jaydon has NEVER eaten either one - EVER! He will NOT eat them. We have MADE him eat them on various occasions and he gags. (Remember he has sensory issues.) Anyway, I told the doctor that I give him 1-PediaSure with fiber daily and he says that's the BEST thing to do. With that, he doesn't even need a separate multi-vitamin so that made me feel good.

Then tonight at 7:00 was the awards ceremony for baseball. They handed out awards and Jaydon won a prize from the raffle - a brand new bat!! Pretty cool! They each got a trophy and the kids ran around like crazy. Jaydon conked about 30 minutes after we got home. I made up a story for the kids about a baseball fairy and they are all to leave a coin under their bed and when they wake up, the baseball fairy will have left them a lucky ball for the tournament that starts tomorrow. I think they liked the story...I just hope the parents remember!

Poor Jacoby is teething SO badly. He doesn't want a bottle, he just wants to bite it. He is eating lots of veggies & cereal - some fruit, too. It's hard because they are supposed to continue to have formula as their "primary source of food", but he just doesn't want it. He is doped up on Tylenol 3x's per day, or the poor baby is just wincing in pain. :(

So you are ALL caught up now. I have been SO busy just running around with all of the Pre-K stuff, baseball, Mark speech, doctor's appts. and haven't had a moment to breathe.

Sorry to write so much, but you know me and my "verboseness".
I'm not going to proofread this either - sorry if there are errors.

Have a good weekend!


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