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Monday, Monday...

La la, la la la la...on Monday morning you gave no warning...
AAHHHHH - Monday arrived and I was not ready!
(Yes, that song came out like 13 years before I was born, but my Dad used to make me listen to 98.7 KLUV in his stick shift 1979 Dodge Colt with no heat/AC and I know ALL of the oldies!)

Jeremy helped me by taking Jaydon to school this morning. Then I took Jacoby to his great-grandparents house for a bit so I could go to the hospital. I got to see Nicki awake this morning, and I fed her breakfast! She ate ½ a pancake, and a couple of bites of bacon. I then helped her change her pull-up and washed her down. (No, she doesn't wear pull-ups usually, but she has to while she's in the hospital.) She was upset because they only had boy pull-ups so I brought her some princess ones and that made her day. She was so happy to see me, and I was happy to see her awake. She asked me if I could stay with her all day long. I completely lost it and went to the bathroom so she wouldn't see me cry. Poor little girl - just breaks my heart when children are in pain, and I wish that I could take all of the pain for her. They are trying to wean her off the morphine and she went all day without it until 7:15 tonight. I was going to go back up to the hospital because she wanted me to read her a bedtime story before she went to sleep, but her mom called and said that the morphine put her right to sleep so I was off the hook. Cathy (her mom) said that she didn't want anybody to do anything unless they were going to "do it like Jessica". You'll be out soon enough Nicki and we'll paint our toenails together - I promise sweetie!

I just watched DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) and man oh mighty...Cristián & Jason Taylor are SO handsome! Totally love them and would NOT throw either one of them out of bed for eating crackers...if I wasn't married of course - DUH!! :)
I'm currently watching Bachelor, but I think I have ADHD or something because after sitting for 1.5 hours watching DWTS, I can't sit through all of Bachelor.

Nothing else to share today. Boring, boring, boring...sorry guys!

Tomorrow, you'll finally get to hear about my diaper dilemma and why I asked you to vote for your favorite diaper brand.



Anonymous Jessenia said...

Love the dodge colt, and that I do break into KLUV oldies when I hear Monday!

April 22, 2008 at 9:40 PM  

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