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Mother's Day

To Mom-

Why I love you it's because you make dinner for us. You always bring me to school. You watch T.V. with us. We play lots of games together. You give me kisses and hugs-I like them a lot. You will take me to places like Jack-in-the-Box and Chuck E Cheese. When I am sick, you give me some soup and sometimes take me to the doctor so I can feel better.

I love you,
Jaydon Cole Rogers

How can you not love the simplicity of a 7-year olds thoughts? 
Those simple words melted my heart. 

This morning, the boys made me pancakes in bed.  It's a tradition and they surprise me every year.  I always seem to sleep in (8:ish) on Mother's Day, so it really is a nice surprise every year. 
Then we headed to Aunt Pam's house for burgers and a cook-out.  After that, we went to my mom's house, and poor Jeremy mowed her lawn.  (He said it was her gift for Mother's Day, but he gifts her with that a lot.)

We aren't big on "special gestures" for holidays.  We feel like there are 365 days per year to love each other.  Special gifts aren't necessary; the best gift on special days is the gift of family.   I hope that you got the chance to enjoy yours. 

It's thanks to the three beautiful faces below that I am a Mother . . . 
 (Yes, that would be a sprout growing out the top of Jilian's head. That girl's hair is out.of.control in a bad way!)

Anyway, I can't wait until the day that the three of you know what a wonderful feeling it is to be called Mom or Dad.
I love you Jaydon, Jacoby & Jilian.  I love each of you so much.


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